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Body Mix RF for swelling

Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight body imperfections and excess body fat. It was designed by scientists to improve circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce cellulite, body shaping, and slimming. Body Mix is safe even for people with a vascular problem - it does not cause broken capillaries, further strengthening their walls.

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Body Mix (1 head)

Draining, swelling and cellulite reducing treatment.
Endodermic massage, combined with cryotherapy and photo-stimulation. It stimulates the cardiovascular system and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. Removes fluids and toxins (detoxification) from organism. The cooling action causes
190 PLN
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Body Mix (2 heads)

Shaping and cellulite reducing treatment.
The treatment uses bio-stimulating laser and High Power head, integrating in itself photo-stimulation, cryotherapy and endodermic massage. It improves blood circulation, contributing to its draining and purifying. A massage with sucking probe
290 PLN
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Body Mix (3 heads)

Shaping, cellulite reducing and firming treatment.
The treatment consists of complementary use of the six powers, which, allied with each other, provide excellent results treatment. Laser radiation helps to burn fat and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The RF head
390 PLN
Wellnes Spa Artisclub 602 424 024