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Compression lymphatic drainage

Compression lymphatic drainage is a method used to treat lymphatic and circulatory systems. During pressotherapy, lymphatic flow in the lymphatic system is improved as a result of stimulation of appropriate points on the body. Thanks to this, pressotherapy treats chronic edema, drains excess water in the body, removes metabolic products - harmful cells, bacteria and toxins, fights cellulite, prevents varicose veins and peripheral circulatory failure, especially in the lower limbs, allows you to get rid of the effect of cold feet.

The treatment stimulates the venous and lymphatic system, affects the cleansing and nutrition of tissues, improving the overall condition of the body. The treatment is recommended for the treatment of venous and lymphoedema of various origins, swollen cellulite and trophic disorders caused by circulatory changes.

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Pressotherapy is a modern technology for performing compression lymphatic drainage with the use of special sleeves into which a stream of compressed air is introduced. The treatment stimulates the natural circulation of blood and lymph, and thus heals chronic swelling, drains excess water in the body, heals cellulite, and prevents varicose veins.
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