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Detoxifying algae wraps

Algae are perfectly absorbed by human tissues because the chemical composition of their plasma is similar to that of human plasma. Rich in microelements and vitamins, algae not only have a healing effect, supporting the functioning of the entire body.

Algae wraps cleanse the skin of toxins, improve the color and smooth the surface of the epidermis, have a nourishing and moisturizing effect. They improve blood circulation, restore natural pH, reduce inflammation, regulate sebaceous glands. Algae are also used for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and body fat control. They are also an excellent therapy for difficult-to-treat skin diseases: psoriasis, fish scales and eczema.

In this category we recommend treatments:

Algae wrap

Detoxifying and slimming micronized algae wrap for everyone and especially helpful in the fight against cellulite and fat. This is an intensive treatment with a dual action. It cleanses the body and improves microcirculation. It is a potent
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