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LPG Endermologie for swelling

LPG endermologie is an ideal treatment for problems such as blood and lymph stasis, stagnation in the legs and a feeling of heavy legs. LPG treatment techniques intensify circulation in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. They enable effective reduction of lymphoedema, faster than obtained by manual lymphatic drainage. Their anti-fibrotic effect complements and deepens the effect of increased circulation in the lymphatic system.

The use of LPG medical programs for swelling:

  • vascular insufficiency
  • lymphoedema / swelling
  • pre- and postoperative therapy
  • water retention

In this category we recommend treatments:

Endermologie LPG - full body treatment

Endermologie LPG Integral is one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite, excess body fat, flaccidity of the skin and swelling of the body. The aim of body treatments is: slimming, smoothing, toning and body sculpting. Lipomassage LPG
180 PLN
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Endermologie LPG - partial body treatment

Zabieg ukierunkowany na jedną okolicę ciała np. brzuch, uda, pośladki.
80 - 120 PLN
Wellnes Spa Artisclub 602 424 024

Endermologie LPG - edema removal

For medical therapy we use a head designed, for example to treat edema. It has 3 levels, that allow very precise handling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (deep or on the surface).
180 PLN
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Wellnes Spa Artisclub 602 424 024