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Pressotherapy - weight loss support

Compression lymphatic drainage

Presotherapy or compression lymphatic drainage supports the processes of slimming and general cleansing of toxins from the body and is one of the most important, extremely effective forms of interaction in anti-cellulite therapy.

Pressotherapy is a pneumatic compression massage that acts directly on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The device uses a vacuum pump, which by filling the chamber of the pressure suit in the right order, affects individual body parts. Adequate pressure of vascular and lymphatic structures stimulates the entire lymphatic system to supply the body with oxygen and nutrients, accelerates the elimination of fluids and residual metabolic waste - toxins and unnecessary waste products.

Presotherapy can improve the effectiveness of any slimming and anti-cellulite treatment by increasing the amount of transported, already released from adipocytes fat. It is believed that adipose tissue released during lipolysis, if not removed from the body, tends to be reabsorbed by adipocytes. Of course, this significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatments. Because pressotherapy performs tissue reabsorption, it is an ideal addition to all anti-cellulite and body shaping treatments.

An additional benefit of pressotherapy is the marked improvement in the patient's well-being and the effect of "lightness" of the body.

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Pressotherapy is a modern technology for performing compression lymphatic drainage with the use of special sleeves into which a stream of compressed air is introduced. The treatment stimulates the natural circulation of blood and lymph, and thus heals chronic swelling, drains excess water in the body, heals cellulite, and prevents varicose veins.
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