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Firming body treatments

Firmness and elasticity exist thanks to collagen and elastin - proteins forming an ordered network of fibers. Unfortunately, with aging, the body's ability to produce them is declining, whereby the fibers become weaker, thinner and more brittle. Muscle activity, which are constituting natural support for the skin also decreases. Often it is also caused by improper diet, intense weight loss and sedentary lifestyle.

When to use:

  • after excessive tanning session in the sun or in a tanning bed,
  • after pregnancy or intensive weight loss treatment,
  • in the absence of physical activity,
  • prophylactically, to achieve a beautiful, supple skin,

Our treatments give the following results:

  • strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers,
  • hydration, nutrition and tissue energizing,
  • stimulating the natural processes of cell renewal,
  • softening and smoothing the epidermis,
  • restoring cohesiveness and skin resilience,
  • improving muscle tone,
  • shaping, firming and lifting the body.

Current promotions

HIFU Sonoqueen do -30% Najgłębszy lifting ultradźwiękowy

HIFU Sonoqueen do -30%
Najgłębszy lifting ultradźwiękowy

Najnowszej generacji technologia HIFU poprawia owal twarzy, spłyca fałdy nosowo-wargowe, unoszi brwi oraz powieki górne, niweluje zmarszczki oraz zagęszcza luźną skórą twarzy, szyi, brzucha, ramion, ud i pośladków.

Promocja ważna do: 31.08.2021
ICOONE - endermologia 3D -20% Zabiegi wyszczuplające i ujędrniające

ICOONE - endermologia 3D -20%
Zabiegi wyszczuplające i ujędrniające

Zabiegi Icoone na ciało poprzez oddziaływanie na funkcjonowanie tkanki łącznej skutecznie usuwają cellulit, modelują ciało i napinają luźną skórę, redukują obrzęki limfatyczne, blizny i sztywność mięśni.

Promocja ważna do: 31.07.2021
Endermologia LPG Alliance Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13% Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Endermologia LPG Alliance
Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13%
Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Jedna z najskuteczniejszych metod walki z cellulitem, tkanką tłuszczową, wiotkością skóry i obrzękami. Oddziaływuje na główne przyczyny starzenia się skóry. Celem zabiegów jest wygładzenie skóry oraz wyszczuplenie i wymodelowanie sylwetki.

W tej kategorii proponujemy grupy zabiegów:

Zaffiro termolifting for body flaccidity

Zaffiro thermolifting is used for non-surgical face and body skin lifting. Thanks to Zaffiro, you can reverse the skin aging process and eliminate the unsightly appearance of its lack of firmness. The device emits infrared IR radiation that
Arms 800 PLN
Abdomen 900 PLN
Buttocks 1100 PLN
Inner thighs 900 PLN
Knees 600 PLN

Firming the body with RF radio waves

Body firming procedures using RF radiofrequency are based on causing a thermal effect in the tissue and overheating the collagen fibers, which because of heat, they contract and, as a consequence, tense. Tissue overheating helps to improve skin quality by stimulating fibroblasts to rebuild old and produce new collagen and elastin. This allows you to achieve the effect of increased skin tone, improve its elasticity, density, and improve body shape and skin structure. Radio waves stimulate superficial and deeper tissues, improve their oxygenation, nutrition and microcirculation (vasodilation and increase their permeability).
Arms 1600 PLN
Abdomen 1900 PLN
Waist 1200 PLN
Abdomen + waist 2600 PLN
Body firming 500 PLN
Buttocks 1900 PLN
Knees 1200 PLN
Back and shoulders from 600 PLN
Abdomen and waist from 600 PLN
Thighs and knees from 600 PLN

DeAgeEx micro needle radiofrequency

Microneedle radiofrequency (microneedle thermolifting) uses skin microcenthesis and radio frequency (RF) for volumetric heating of the skin under its surface. Thanks to repeated action in subsequent layers of the skin, we obtain a 3D lifting effect - a spatial skin firming.
Body 1500 PLN

HIFU multidimensional body firming

HIFU is focused ultrasonic energy that reaches deep layers of the skin causing controlled microdamages without leaving marks on its surface. The emitted energy stimulates a deep reconstruction of internal structures, obtaining skin tension
Flabby arms from 2800 PLN from 4000 PLN
Abdomen from 4200 PLN from 6000 PLN
Buttocks from 4200 PLN from 6000 PLN
Inner thighs from 5600 PLN from 8000 PLN

Fractional laser removal for skin sagging

No more sagging skin - increased elasticity, removal of shallow wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and the whole body. Palomar fractional laser skin firming technology uses pulses of infrared light, creating fractional zones of strong heat impact at greater depths with less damage to the skin. This causes coagulation of soft tissue, which firms the skin during the healing process.
Arms 1400 PLN
Abdomen 1900 PLN
Buttocks 1900 PLN
Thighs (back) 1900 PLN
Thighs 3200 PLN
Knees 900 PLN

VelaShape - firmimng + body shaping

Endermologie + RF + IR
VelaShape represents a new generation of devices based on vacuum massage technology (endermology). VelaShape additionally uses elos technology (simultaneous exposure to infrared light and bipolar RF current), which effectively raises skin temperature to a depth of 15 mm! Intensive simultaneous massage with the use of vacuum and mechanically driven rollers, as well as heating of tissues smoothes the skin and makes the fibrous elastic.

Icoone for flabby body skin

The latest patented Icoone technology allows for precise work on connective tissue. It eliminates cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphoedema and all signs of skin aging.
30 min body treatment 240 PLN 300 PLN
40 min body treatment 280 PLN 350 PLN
50 min body treatment 320 PLN 400 PLN
60 min body teratment 360 PLN 450 PLN

LPG Endermologie for body flaccidity

LPG Endermologie treatment helps to shape the figure and firm the skin. Studies have shown that this is one of the most effective methods of combating cellulite, excess fat, flaccid skin and swelling.

Body Mix RF firming and shaping treatments

Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight body imperfections and excess body fat. It is based not on one, but on several advanced technologies. The device was designed by scientists for cellulite reduction, body shaping, slimming, improvement and strengthening of vessel walls. Recently, thanks to the latest technology solved with an RF head, Body Mix also fights visible sagging skin.

BeautyTek firming treatments

It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA that makes the process of biological tissue regeneration possible. 

Firming body massages

Regular massages significantly reduce cellulite, stimulate microcirculation in the tissues and remove toxins from the body, which is especially important when losing weight. They counteract the aging and sagging of the skin and firm the muscles, improve skin and connective tissue elasticity. Massages are recommended for the accumulation of drooping, slightly flabby skin and tissue, e.g. after pregnancy or rapid weight loss.

Firming body wraps

Okłady na ciało z wykorzystaniem najnowszej generacji masek, alg, glinek mineralnych i błota, bogatych w składniki bioaktywne mają działanie silnie regenerujące i kondycjonujące skórę. Po zabiegu ciało jest dealnie jędrne i zmysłowo gładkie.

Body lifting threads

Body lifting threads are an effective way to lift the skin and rejuvenate selected parts that have become flabby due to aging and other factors that reduce skin firmness. Special bioabsorbable threads are used for the treatment, they are made of

Roll Cit microcenthesis

Roll-Cit is a natural, physiological method of collagen and elastin induction into the skin. It is part of the Environ system and it widely boosts the effectiveness of cosmetics through extending the penetration of vitamins available in them
Chirurgiczny 2500 - 3500 PLN