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It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA that makes the process of biological tissue regeneration possible.

Initially, it was used only in physical medicine by famous athletes and celebrities to stimulate the process of healing the diseased or inflammatory tissue. During its use in medicine, it has been noticed that it has a very beneficial effect on the appearance of the treated areas. In addition to treating wounds, injuries, pain and inflammation, muscle toning, lifting of sagging, improvement of skin tension and other positive reactions followed. The effects of the treatments are permanent, they are subject only to natural aging processes and allow you to keep your face and body in a state of timeless youthful appearance.

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Beautytek - scars regeneration

The treatment using the Beautytek biocybernetic cameras that restores tissues energy balance. It starts the slowing mechanisms which nourish and regenerate in damaged areas, providing cells the power to repair itself. It prevents inflammation and
80 PLN
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