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Filling scars with hyaluronic acid

Using hyaluronic acid we can reduce atrophic scars by obtaining the effect of lifting the skin and filling the scar. Although the effect of the treatment is temporary and lasts about 12-24 months, hyaluronic acid injection additionally stimulates the skin to create repair mechanisms and collagen build-up. Thanks to this, the skin structure improves and subsequent filling may require less material consumption.

Atrophic scars are usually the result of acute inflammation in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. During scar formation, tissue contraction causes a depression in its surface visible outside in the form of "holes" in the skin. Atrophic scars usually arise as a result of acute forms of acne vulgaris, chickenpox or improper treatment with steroids.

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Filling scars with hyaluronic acid

We use dense cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid to fill atrophic scars. A sterile, colorless and homogenized filler will soften the appearance of atrophic scars. The effects of filling are visible immediately. In the case of very deep scars, it
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