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Carboxytherapy for the eye area

Carboxytherapy treatment is recommended when fighting bags and dark circles under the eyes, static wrinkles and fat pads around the eyes. By increasing the blood supply to the skin under the eyes, carboxytherapy allows you to effectively fight the symptoms caused by poor blood circulation in the lower and upper eyelids - the eye area brightens and swelling decreases.

Thanks to CO2 application, several mechanisms are launched around the eye contours to significantly improve the appearance of the skin. One of many is stimulation of collagen production, acceleration and improvement of the process of creating new blood vessels and brightening of the skin under the eyes. An additional advantage of the procedure is that it's painless and short in duration. After 10 minutes, you can go back to your daily activities without bruising or irritation.

Carboxytherapy treatment is recommended for both men and women. Most often, we recommend a series of 5-6 treatments.

In this category we recommend treatments:

Carbosyntheraphy - eyes

Carbosyntheraphy treatment for the eye area reduces wrinkles and crow's feet, reduces dark circles under the eyes, regenerates and thickens the epidermis. It is recommended also for fat herniation in the lower eyelid.
150 PLN
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