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Reaction RF for the eye area

Reaction is a top-class aesthetic medicine device designed for advanced face, neck and eye area treatments. It enables conducting therapies focusing on improving skin tone and elasticity, reducing wrinkles and modeling the face oval.

Reaction TM system is based on the Patented Core technology consisting of bipolar emission of three different frequencies and in the MULTI version all frequencies in one option. Additionally enhancing the effect of the Vacum function with head cooling. The use of high frequency current and electricity is converted into electromagnetic energy, which reaches the tissues where they are heated (heat is generated inside the tissues).

In this category we recommend treatments:

Reaction - eye area treatment

In order to rejuvenate the eye area, we recommend 3 to 6 treatments performed every 2-3 weeks. To maintain the desired effects, after that you can perform a reminding treatments (1 treatment every 3-6 months).
120 PLN 150 PLN
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