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Neauvia Explosion

Neauvia Explosion

Do you want your neck to look beautiful and not betray the age? Patients who comprehensively care for the young appearance of the skin know how important and at the same time how difficult the area around the neck is. With age, its tension decreases, and transverse wrinkles and hoops can be difficult to reduce.

The Neauvia Explosion treatment is a new rejuvenating program developed by the Neauvia Organic dedicated to the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté! The unique combination of Hydro Deluxe mesotherapy and a product containing cross-linked Neauvia Rheology hyaluronic acid from the Neauvia organic product range allows you to take care of sensitive skin, which over time loses its elasticity and firmness.

Indications for the procedure are very wide, they include revitalization and reconstruction of the volume of the delicate neck area, rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles and neck photodamages. The effects of the treatment can be seen in stages, first it strongly moisturizes and tightens the skin, and in the following weeks it produces the effect of thickening and reconstruction.


  • Neck and décolleté skin rejuvenation
  • Neck rim reduction
  • V-neck wrinkle reduction
  • Deep hydration on different levels of the skin
  • Reduction of skin flaccidity
  • A subtle effect of filling and improving skin tension
  • Strong effect of stimulating fibroblasts (skin cells)
  • Regeneration of photo-damaged skin

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Neauvia Organic Rheology (1ml)

Hyaluronic acid mixed with amino acids
The new product from the Neauvia Organic, Rheology line is intended for people with the first signs of aging. It is recommended for the correction of shallow wrinkles, smoker's wrinkles,
990 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (2,5ml)

Filling mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid
Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe is a non-crosslinked sodium hyaluronate at a concentration of 18 mg/ml plus 0.01% calcium hydroxyapatite CaHA. This medical product is used for dehydrated skin and
800 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69