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Swelling reducing treatments

Swelling is related to the retention of extra water volume in the body. This problem occurs most often on the legs around the ankles and lower legs. Edema (swelling) can result in impaired renal function, congestive heart failure, hormonal disorders and impede blood outflow from the subcutaneous lymph, as well as allergies and inflammatory reactions.

When to use:

  • If you have the feeling of heavy legs and tired feet,
  • when the swelling occur,
  • the general water retention in the body,
  • circulatory disorders.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • improvement in microcirculation of blood and lymph,
  • stimulation of skin tissue,
  • improving of intercellular exchange,
  • elimination of toxins and excess water from the body,
  • ensuring the long-term sense of lightness and relaxation.

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In this category we recommend groups of treatments:

Icoone Medical for swelling

The latest patented Icoone technology allows for precise work on connective tissue. The Medical Icoone program is intended for the treatment of swelling, the main goal of which is drainage and stimulation of venous tissue. It is an irreplaceable treatment for people with vascular problems. It eliminates lymphoedema and any signs of skin aging.
30 min body treatment 240 PLN 300 PLN
40 min body treatment 280 PLN 350 PLN
50 min body treatment 320 PLN 400 PLN
60 min body teratment 360 PLN 450 PLN

LPG Endermologie for swelling

LPG endermologie is an ideal treatment for problems such as blood and lymph stasis, stagnation in the legs and a feeling of heavy legs. LPG treatment techniques intensify circulation in the

Body Mix RF for swelling

Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight body imperfections and excess body fat. It was designed by scientists to improve circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce cellulite,

BeautyTek for swelling

Biological tissue rejuvenation
It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA that makes the process of biological tissue regeneration possible. 

Body massages for swelling

Body massage is a form of therapy that has been used for several thousand years, and even as a method of treating the body. It consists in the interaction of mechanical stimuli on the tissues of the body in order to cause positive reactions.

Detoxifying algae wraps

Algae are perfectly absorbed by human tissues because the chemical composition of their plasma is similar to that of human plasma. Rich in microelements and vitamins, algae not only have a healing effect, supporting the functioning of the entire
Algae wrap 200 PLN

Compression lymphatic drainage

Compression lymphatic drainage is a method used to treat lymphatic and circulatory systems. During pressotherapy, lymphatic flow in the lymphatic system is improved as a result of stimulation of appropriate points on the body. Thanks to this,
Pressotherapy 120 PLN