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Treatments for skin around the eyes

The skin around the eye is 0.5 mm thick and is therefore four times thinner than the facial skin. It lies directly on the muscles surrounding the eye and is almost devoid of sebaceous glands, which would generate a protective barrier in the form of a layer of fat. Collagen and elastin fibers are also less likely to spread here. The muscles of the eyelids continually work: expand and contract with each blink of the eyes and smile which forms wrinkles. Stress, fatigue, improper diet and lymph circulation causes swelling and bruising.

When to use:

The eye area needs to be properly nurtured starting from the age of 20 when collagen production decreases. At the age of 25, the first wrinkles appear.

Treatment for the area around the eye is especially recommended to those who complain of thin and flabby skin of the eyelids, shadows and bruising around the eyes, dark horseshoes, bags and puffiness under the eyes and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and on the lower eyelid.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • protection against premature aging
  • reducing edema, swelling and bags under the eyes
  • stimulating microcirculation of blood and lymph circulation in the skin
  • drain excess water and toxins from the tissues
  • counteract signs of fatigue and stress
  • deep hydration and nourishment of the skin
  • firmness and flexibility of the skin
  • smoothing and reducing wrinkles
  • strengthen thin skin under the eyes

Zabiegi na okolice oczu znacząco poprawiają wygląd twarzy. Choć dotyczą wyłącznie oczu, pozytywne efekty wizualne mają wpływ na wygląd całej twarzy, ponieważ zasiniona skóra, podkrążone oczy oraz wyraźne zmarszczki w optyczny sposób postarzają i sprawiają, że cera wygląda na zmęczoną lub niezdrową.

Goups of treatments prices:

Needle mesotherapy for the eye area

Needle mesotherapy is considered one of the most effective methods of revitalizing the skin around the eyes. Cocktails containing hyaluronic acid, ,ruscus aculeatus, blueberry, rosemary, vitamins and amino acids are used here. Injecting a
Eyes from 390 PLN
Nanosoft Boosters from 800 PLN
Worki pod oczami from 390 PLN

Botulinum toxin for the eye area

Removing fine lines
Botulinum toxin injected at a low dose, it causes paralysis of the mimic muscles responsible for wrinkles, caused due to the aging process or because of the lively facial expressions. By relaxing muscles, botulinum toxin counteracts wrinkling and
Eyebrows lift 350 PLN
Crow’s feet from 600 PLN

Stymulatory kolagenu na okolice oczu

Stymulatory tkankowe to preparaty stymulujące fibroblasty do produkcji włókien kolagenu i elastyny, które nadają skórze jędrność i elastyczność. Efekt odmłodzenia okolicy oka osiągamy
Eyes 800 PLN
Juvelook na okolice oczu 900 - 1300 PLN

Platelet rich plasma for the eye area

Needle mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma around the eyes improves skin elasticity, structure, tension and density, smoothes wrinkles and unifies skin tone. The skin is better supplied with blood, and the processes of cell renewal in
Angel System 2500 PLN
Regeneris 1400 PLN

Stem cells for the eye area

Regenerative therapy using concentrated growth factors and stem cells CD34 + is the latest and safest therapy in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a highly rated by doctors around the world innovative method. In order to obtain

HIFU ultrasonic lifting for the eye area

HIFU ultrasonic lifting for the eye area is recommended for people with lowered eyebrows level, excess skin of the upper eyelid and drooping eyelids. It also helps people who want to get rid of creases and small wrinkles on the lower eyelids as well as crow's feet.
Crow’s feet from 1200 PLN
Lower eyelids from 1200 PLN
Upper eyelids from 1500 PLN
Lower and upper eyelids from 2500 PLN
Eye area from 2000 PLN from 2500 PLN

Hyaluronic acid for the eye area

The administration of hyaluronic acid in the eye area not only fills the wrinkles and hollows around the eyes, but also reduces dark circles and bruising. Because hyaluronic acid, by absorbing water, naturally increases in volume, usually a few

PDO threads for the eye ara

PDO threads are an effective therapy for the eye area, giving a quick and long-lasting effect. PDO lifting threads stimulate neocollagenesis in tissues - the production of new collagen, responsible for skin tension and firmness. In addition,
Eyebrows lifting from 1200 PLN
Crow’s feet removal from 900 PLN
Lower eyelid from 900 PLN

Laser treatments for the eye area

Laser rejuvenating and wrinkle smoothing treatments use pulses of laser light that provide excellent, long-lasting results after just one simple procedure. Laser light penetrates the skin to the required depth and, thanks to a specific level of heat, causes a sharp reaction in the form of healing of the skin, stimulating collagen production.
Eyelids 1200 PLN
Face + eyelids 2800 PLN
Eye area 400 PLN 500 PLN
Eye area 800 PLN

Pelleve for the eye area

Pelleve reduces sagging and wrinkles by slowly heating deep skin layers with a heating device powered by advanced radio frequency technology. Pellevé technology precisely supplies energy to the skin tissue, inducing the collagen fibers to
Eye area 480 PLN 600 PLN
Face + eye area 1900 PLN 2200 PLN
Face + eye area + chin + neck 2600 PLN 3600 PLN

Reaction RF for the eye area

Reaction is a top-class aesthetic medicine device designed for advanced face, neck and eye area treatments. It enables conducting therapies focusing on improving skin tone and elasticity, reducing wrinkles and modeling the face oval. Reaction

BeautyTek for the eye area

Biological tissue rejuvenation
It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA, which makes the process of biological tissue rejuvenation possible

LPG Endermologie for the eye area

The endermologie device uses LPG patented Lift technology, which allows to perform rejuvenating treatments on the eye area. It involves mechanical stimulation of tissue
Eye lift 120 - 120 PLN

Icoone for the eye area

ICOONE is a device for vacuum (endermological) massage based on Roboderm technology, which involves the use of mechanized massage heads with Robotwins rollers. These heads induce multimicrostimulation, acting precisely and thoroughly on every

Carboxytherapy for the eye area

Carboxytherapy treatment is recommended when fighting bags and dark circles under the eyes, static wrinkles and fat pads around the eyes. By increasing the blood supply to the skin under the eyes, carboxytherapy allows you to effectively fight
Eyes 150 PLN
Lower eyelid 100 PLN

Peels for the eye area

Gentle acid peels that improve the condition of sensitive skin around the eyes. They are especially recommended for people whose skin around the eyes is neglected and dry, as well as for shadows and swelling around the lower eyelid.

Beauty treatments for the eye area

Professional treatments that answer all the needs of the skin around the eyes. Great results and visible, lasting effects.