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Best anti-wrinkling treatments for the face

Aging causes slowing of metabolism and division of fibroblasts - skin cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin fibers and reduction in production of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Connective tissue loses its strength, flexibility and ability to bind water which causes the formation of wrinkles (due to the rupture of delicate structure of the collagen and elastin fibers and dry skin). In turn, due to frequent unconscious muscle contraction, wrinkles with time worsen and become more prominent.

When to use it:

In the beginning, when you notice fine lines around the eyes, forehead, at the base of the nose and later, when as a result of repeated facial movements, wrinkles will be formed: furrows on the forehead and crow's feet. In adulthood, due to gravity and fall of hormone levels, wrinkles begin to develop across the forehead and neck, the skin is thinner and dry.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • deep and long-lasting skin hydration
  • stimulating the natural functions of the skin cells - fibroblasts
  • stimulating the production of elastin and collagen fibers
  • reduction of already formed wrinkles and furrows
  • more flexible, fresher and thicker epidermis
  • energizing, oxygenation and regeneration of tissue
  • providing nutrients and antioxidants
  • protection from harmful external factors

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Endermologia LPG na twarz -20% Odmładzanie skóry od wewnątrz

Endermologia LPG na twarz -20%
Odmładzanie skóry od wewnątrz

Odmładzanie skóry od wewnątrz. Redukcja bruzd i zmarszczek, chomików, kurzych łapek, opadających policzków, poprawa owalu twarzy, rozświetlenie, ujędrnienie i zagęszczenie luźnej skóry.

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(Dermapen 4.0 + Egzosomy) -20%
+ maska hialuronowa GRATIS + mezoterapia okolic oczu GRATIS

Najnowsza i najbardziej innowacyjna technologia oparta na zastosowaniu egzosomów, które wspomagają procesy regeneracyjne skóry na poziomie komórkowym.

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Endermologia LPG -20% Wyszczuplanie, ujędrnianie, cellulit

Endermologia LPG -20%
Wyszczuplanie, ujędrnianie, cellulit

- ujędrnienie 71%
- wcięcie w talii -5,2 cm
- wygładzenie cellulitu 67%
- wygładzenie zmarszczek 87%

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Mikronakłuwanie skóry Dermapen 4 + peeling PRX -50%

Mikronakłuwanie skóry
Dermapen 4 + peeling PRX -50%

Mezoterapia mikroigłowa Dermapen stosowana jest do poprawy jędrności skóry, spłycenia zmarszczek i blizn, głębokiego nawilżenia i wygładzenia skóry. Aby zapewnić silniejszą stymulację skóry, a tym samyym wzmocnić efekt odmłodzenia dodatkowo stosujemy peeling PRX.
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Endermologia Alliance twarz
Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13%
Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26%

Odmładzanie skóry od wewnątrz dzięki dynamicznej stymulacji komórkowej. Redukcja bruzd i zmarszczek, chomików, kurzych łapek, opadających policzków, a także poprawa owalu twarzy, rozświetlenie, ujędrnienie oraz zagęszczenie luźnej skóry.

Goups of treatments prices:

Laser wrinkles smoothing

The world's best fractional ablative or non-ablative smoothing treatments for wrinkles and skin damage use pulses of laser light that provide excellent, long-lasting results. Laser light penetrates the skin to the required depth and, thanks
Face 2200 PLN
Face 720 PLN 900 PLN
Face 1200 PLN
Twarz (2 głowice) 2600 PLN 3600 PLN

Smoothing wrinkles with botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is a natural preparation. Injected at a low dose, it causes paralysis of the mimic muscles responsible for wrinkles, caused due to the aging process or because of the lively facial expressions in case of younger people.

Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

To fight wrinkles and deepening furrows, preparations containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid are most commonly used. Using them, we can fill nasolabial folds, furrows below the corners of the mouth (puppet lines), wrinkles around the mouth (smoker's lines), horizontal forehead wrinkles and vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows)

Needle mesotherapy for wrinkles

One of the most commonly performed needle mesotherapy treatments is mesotherapy using anti-aging preparations. This is a treatment that improves the condition and hydration of the skin in a proven and not very invasive way. It is recommended for people who have noticed the first signs of skin aging and those who are already more advanced in this process. Treatments can be performed locally, e.g. only around the eyes or comprehensively, on the entire face,

Dermapen for wrinkles

Dermapen microneedle mesotherapy is used to improve the firmness of the skin and face oval, reduce wrinkles, deep hydration, evening out skin tone, including lightening discoloration and smoothing its texture.

Peels for wrinkles

Peels are recommended in case of fine mimic and post sun exposure wrinkles. With regular use of peels, the skin's elasticity and bounciness are improved. At the same time, an increased production of collagen fibers and mucopolysaccharides is observed, which leads to keeping good hydration levels deep in the skin, shallowing of wrinkles, as well as long-term improvement of the biological and aesthetic properties of the skin. Peels should be done not only when you have skin problems, but also as a preventive measure to delay aging and to prevent premature wrinkles.
Yellow Peel Med from 500 PLN
Retises CT Nanopeel from 500 PLN
Mandelac 220 PLN
LactiPeel 220 PLN
Pyruvic peel 200 PLN
Ferulac Peel 380 PLN
ArgiPeel 220 PLN
SaliPeel 200 PLN
Pixel Peel 1290 PLN
Retix C 500 PLN

Lifting threads

Thanks to the use of PDO threads, we can reduce the strength of facial mimic muscles and achieve aesthetic effects similar to the administration of botulinum toxin , which are muscle relaxation and smoothing facial features. The aesthetic effect is more natural than after administration of botulinum toxin, because we do not immobilize mimic muscles, but only affect their weakening.
Aptos Light Lift Spring from 3500 PLN
Crow’s feet removal from 900 PLN
Smoker’s lines from 900 PLN
Cheek wrinkles from 1400 PLN

Facial endermology for wrinkles

Modern, non-invasive technology provides excellent drainage and a natural face, neck, cleavage and breast lifting thanks to the combination of rhythmic, three-dimensional vacuum massage with vibrating massage of deep layers of the skin. It stimulates fibroblasts (skin cells) to produce collagen and elastin,

Icoone for the face

Icoone is the latest generation of vacuum massage, which allows for precise work on connective tissue.

Intraceuticals oxygen infusion for wrinkles

Intraceuticals treatments using the occurrence of infusion introduce hyaluronic acid and active substances deep into the skin using pure oxygen and hyperbaric pressure.

Selvert Thermal wrinkle treatments

The essence of Selvert Thermal treatments is "self-healing", i.e. stimulation of the natural tissue reconstruction cycle and improvement of the skin's immune system, which significantly supports the regeneration processes of skin and connective tissue.

Anti-wrinkle treatments with iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a method involving the introduction of active substances deep into the skin using electric field forces. For treatments we use only special substances, chemical compounds that break down into ions. Ions introduced into the skin by iontophoresis accumulate on the border between epidermis and dermis, from where they are drained deeper through the surface network of blood vessels and through the mouths of sweat glands. The use of iontophoresis causes a significant intensification of the effects of the treatments, thanks to faster and deeper penetration of active substances through the epidermis and the beneficial effect of current on tissues.

Anti-aging facial massages

Facial massage is primarily a preventive measure. Its main purpose is to keep the skin and muscles flexible and to prevent wrinkles.

Hydrafacial for wrinkles

Water microdermabrasion - hydrodermabrasion or vacuum hydropeeling, it is an integrated system combining crystal-free microdermabrasion, i.e. exfoliation of old epidermis, with the simultaneous application of specialized active substances containing antioxidants and with chemical peels combined with vacuum.

Microdermabrasion for wrinkles

Microdermabrasion is a modern treatment for people who want to improve the appearance and functioning of the skin and deal with various skin problems in a short time. It is recommended for all skin types, regardless of age and degree and epidermal damage.

Roll Cit microcenthesis

Roll-Cit is a natural, physiological method of collagen and elastin induction in the skin. It is part of the Environ skincare system and it significantly increases the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals by strengthening the penetration of vitamins contained in them into the active layers of the skin.
Surgical 2500 - 3500 PLN