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Young skin 20+

Nowadays, the skin is subjected to the adverse effects of the external environment, which significantly accelerates the aging process. Adverse action clearly is part of UV radiation in the formation of free radicals, which are a consequence of sunburn and group of changes known as photo aging of the skin, as well as all kinds of pigmented lesions. Caused by radiation, free radicals damage components of the epidermal barrier, also cause changes in protein structures (collagen and elastin). You can also notice the so-called elastosis, or the appearance of excessive amounts of malformed elastin fibers. Additionally, prolonged exposure to UVB reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, which might cause excessive epidermal water loss.

When to use:

When your skin is not yet showing typical signs of aging, is firm and tight. Its care is to maintain the skin as long as possible in a normal, healthy state and not forgetting the application of moisturizing and nourishing treatments, while paying attention to its protection against the harmful effects of the environment.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • protection against the signs of premature skin aging
  • supporting natural systems, that protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and UV rays
  • maintaining a good health and radiant appearance of the skin
  • improvement in skin tone and smoothing the surface of the epidermis
  • moisturizing by strengthening the natural lipid coat
  • providing nutrients into the deep layers of the skin
  • preventing the first wrinkles
  • protection against the loss of skin firmness and elasticity
  • stimulating the natural processes of renewal of the epidermis