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Nails reconstruction


Modern technology and podiatric knowledge allows the reconstruction of the nail plate or effectively hide its shortcomings. Nail reconstruction can be performed in many cases such as: due to occurrence of mechanical trauma or disease, when we want to protect the exposed nail bed (tissue which grows the nail) or as a treatment of ingrown nails.

To rebuild damaged nails, we use a special mass or hardening gel. Both contain clotrimazol which is a substance that has antifungal activity. Therefore, it is suitable for the reconstruction of nails damaged by the course of ringworm. Onychomycosis is cured by appropriate removal of the sick part of the nail and protecting the healthy nail. Using the appropriate diamond cutter, we will delicately remove the nail damaged by fungal infection. Then, we put the right amount of gel or mass to reconstruct the nail. When the nail prosthesis achieve the appropriate thickness, we shape the appearance of the nail by means of suitable ceramic cutters.

80 - 100 PLN
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