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Silicon gloves massage

This treatment is a combination of classical massage with special silicone massage glove. It has a strong, slimming, firming and anti-cellulite property.

The massage is performed using very active preparations especially on the upper parts of the body, with special attention to the bust and shoulders. It firms and apply tension on flabby skin, feet and buttocks which activates microcirculation and stimulates the thermal reactions, thus reducing cellulite.

The glove helps the absorption of active substances that is contained in preparations used in the treatment which increases its efficiency and stimulates the energy flow in the skin. One of its side is covered with sharp spikes which acts to stimulate microcirculation, exfoliate dead skin cells and promote deeper penetration of active substances. The other side is equipped with a thicker and softer spikes which assist in the breakup and removal of accumulated fat.

200 PLN
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