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Massage with shea butter - spice roots

Stimulating and energizing massage with oriental fragrance of herbs and spices. The unique recipe of butter used in the treatment ensures thorough cleansing and care of the skin. Cocoa butter moisturizes, softens and restores the lipid barrier and the regenerating Shea butter strengthens and tones the skin. Chilli and cinnamon gently warm and stimulate the skin, intensifying the effects of caffeine. Protein complex with rice and soya protects, strengthens and prevents collagen degradation processes. The massage has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect which protects the skin. Essential oils and fragrances work aromatherapically and the skin remains moisturized long-term. Due to the oriental, spicy scent, it is selected primarily for men. The energetic scent of herbs and spices restores vitality and wonderfully refreshes the senses.

200 - 250 PLN
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