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Slimming - reduction diet

Being overweight and obese is not only a matter of aesthetics, as many believe, but above all a huge risk of developing serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes or cancer. Only a permanent change of eating habits combined with physical exercise to the best of your abilities will allow you to effectively and safely lose weight without the harmful effects of the yo-yo effect. Together, we will look for the psychological mechanisms of weight gain by answering questions such as - when, where and why you eat. We will convince you that effective weight loss should be based on self-observation and the simultaneous elimination of dietary mistakes, and not exercising willpower.

Keeping a self-observation diary prepared by a dietitian will help you on your way to your goal. Studies show that people who keep notes when changing eating habits and losing weight achieve up to 50% better results than those who do not use this method.

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