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Foot reflexology

Our feet are a map of the body. If any of the organs or parts of the body is ailing, it hurts at the appropriate point on the foot when you press it. This is because each such point on the sole of the foot is associated with a specific internal organ.

Professional foot reflexologist uses this concept to diagnose and treat various diseases. Using a special handle technique and reflexology acupuncture points on the feet, the massage causes physiological reactions that stimulate the body's self-healing potential. Any healing processes are the work of the body itself, the therapist only activates and stimulates the action.

Reflexology foot massage works on the whole body. It provides relaxation, eliminates pain and increases the body's vital force. This way, it favorably affects all three levels of: physical, mental and spiritual.

When to use:

Foot Reflexology is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age. It has a positive effect, even when performed on younger patients, specifically children. However, due to its therapeutic effect, it should not be used in some cases, e.g.: the acute inflammation of veins and fibers, rheumatic diseases, circulatory disorders and in women during pregnancy.

Treatments prices:

Reflexology foot massage

Dr Beta
Reflexology foot massage is a manual treatment designed to stimulate different areas of the feet which correspond to various parts of the body, especially the internal organs. This massage unblocks the free flow of energy throughout the body and
180 PLN
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