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Ingrown toenails

Ingrown nails are now a very common problem which is why it is very important to prevent and properly care for it. If you have an ingrown nail, be sure to contact the office foot care specialist for a quick intervention.

Clamp on ingrown toenails

Clamps to correct ingrown nails have been known for over 60 years. They fix the diseased nails by flattening the nail plate or changing the track of the nail’s growth. Properly prepared staples in several sizes adapts to the shape of the nail.

Arkada’s cube

As many as 15% of the population suffer from ingrown nails. Arkada’s Cube has become increasingly popular among patients suffering from this disease because it allows for complete cure and gest rid of the annoying discomfort. The client’s health and satisfaction is in the eyes of the creator of this tool, the best proof that Arcade’s cube is an absolute revolution in the treatment of ingrown nails.