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Lipofilling - filling and contouring with your own fat

Lipofilling is an autogenous fat transplantation, based on using your own fat for face lifting and contouring, elimination of shadows under the eyes, correction of wrinkles and sagginess of the skin and as a filler for cavities in the skin. Besides that it is also used for lips and breast filling and body contouring.

We are collecting the fatty tissue from the area where the excess occurs (abdominal folds, medial surface of the thighs, around the knees) and after appropriate preparation we are injecting it in the desired location.

Intications for fat transplantation:

  • skin aging connected to loss of elasticity, elastic fibers and collagen
  • reduction of skin thickness,
  • post-traumatic and acne scars,
  • genetic aging,
  • fat loss,
  • emaciated face due to excessive working out or dieting,
  • cheek contouring,
  • filling the lion's wrinkles,
  • rejuvenation of the eye area,
  • filling the valley of tears,
  • under the eyes shadow reduction,
  • lip filling,
  • rejuvenation of the area around the mouth - smoker's lines,
  • filling the cavities caused by trauma, diseases and birth defects,
  • hand rejuvenation.

Treatments prices:

4000 PLN
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