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Hair coloring – Warsaw Wilanów

Besides the length and shape of the hairstyle, hair color is also very important. A properly selected shade of hair beautifully highlight the color of our eyes and skin.

Ambasada Urody offer you unlimited possibilities of coloring. Depending on the needs and expectations of our customers, we offer a fine or radical change in the color or only a refreshment. When choosing a color, it is important that it coordinates with the complexion, eye color and even your character. Our stylists advise professional coloration according to the latest trends.

Hair colour - professional coloring

Hair coloring performed on the highest quality products from L'oreal ensures the quality and safety of our services. Technologically innovative formulations give creative freedom and allow obtaining results tailored to individual needs, for example:

  • very gentle, providing long lasting shine, nutritional coloration "tone in tone", without ammonia,
  • anti-age coloration, providing the perfect cover of gray hair (when hair is from 80% to 100% gray),
  • without ammonia, safe for the hair INOA coloration,
  • intense, deep and perfectly uniform coloration in the most fashionable colors,
  • a significant change in the color of hair after a previous discoloration (removal of natural or introduced from the outside hair pigment),
  • lightening hair up to 7 tones,
  • highlights, reflections, balayage.

Kevin Murphy Color.Me

Kevin Murphy Color.Me hair dyes are completely free of ammonia and PPD, i.e. artificial dyes containing metals that can irritate the scalp. They contain a lot of valuable and natural ingredients that have been used in body and hair care for centuries, including: manuka honey, shea butter, hawthorn and pomegranate extract, coconut and almond oil. They have antioxidant and antiseptic properties, protect against the formation of free radicals and moisturize and nourish the hair. They also contain UV filters and have a pleasant natural fragrance.

A wide range of Color.Me colors gives unlimited color options. Kevin Murphy paints perfectly cover gray hair, giving it shine and a natural look. They provide a long-lasting effect and a brilliant color that lasts until the next dyeing, while being very gentle to the scalp and hair. The hair remains soft, deeply moisturized and saturated with care ingredients, and it is easier to style.


Olaplex idealna kondycja farbowanych włosów

idealna kondycja farbowanych włosów

System Olaplex umożliwia radykalną zmianę koloru włosów pozostawiając je w idealnej kondycji.

W tej kategorii proponujemy grupy zabiegów:

Color.me ammonia-free coloring

Color.me coloring is suitable for everyone, especially for people with scalp irritation or substantial hair weakening caused by traditional ammonia coloring.
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Short hair 220 PLN
Long hair 290 PLN

Tone in tone coloring

Tone-in-tone coloring is dyeing thanks to which we deepen the natural color of the hair. The term "tone in tone" means that the colourants never lighten the hair, and the cosmetic dyes "overlap" the original hair color, adding shine and depth to the hair.
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Short hair 200 PLN
Long hair 250 PLN


Baleyage is a specific and very professional way to create strands in matching colors on your hair. This type of dyeing does not so much change their color, but adds shine, illuminates and refreshes them.
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Short hair 250 PLN
Long hair 320 PLN

Ombre hair coloring

Ombre hair is a coloring technique based on the currently fashionable trend coming from Brazil. This color mimics the natural effects of the sun on the hair, where the ends are lighter than the hair at the roots.
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Ombre hair coloring from 310 PLN


Decolorization is a service performed in the event of a radical color change. Our hairdressers use a Kevin.Murphy product for this purpose. A specially developed collection of gentle, but at the same time very effective formulas guaranteeing optimal hair lightening up to 7 levels ..
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
Short hair 140 - 150 PLN
Medium-length hair 160 - 300 PLN
Long hair 190 - 500 PLN