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Japanese 3D face lift

Japanese 3D facial massage provides visible and long-lasting effects that are difficult to achieve with other methods. It is a completely natural and non-invasive form of face lifting and rejuvenation. Japanese facial massage positively affects not only the improvement of appearance, but also the well-being and getting rid of concentrated stress.

Japanese 3D facial massage is a derivative of Anma, which is the traditional massage system in Japan and an essential part of ancient massage teachings. It is closely related to the concept of Oriental Medicine combined with four different stages of massage:

  • Japanese face massage - stage I consists of a cleavage, neck and neck massage. Neck muscle tensions restrict the free flow of blood to the head and face. Facial treatments with neck massage improve circulation. A good amount of blood flow is needed to provide the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. This is to avoid wrinkles and keep the cells healthy. Neck massage helps the client to relax and reduces stress, which is the source of premature aging of the face. During the massage, hot towels are used, which are wrapped around the face. With this, the whole body is relaxed. This causes absolute relaxation and relieves muscle.
  • Japanese facial massage - stage II, removal of toxins. In this part of the massage, we use drainage techniques in combination with acupressure, stimulating the appropriate points on the face. Lymphatic drainage improves the overall appearance of the face. It reduces puffiness, and also copes well with shadows and "bags" under the eyes. Better blood supply, more efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and getting rid of toxins have a very good effect on the overall condition of the skin. As a result, the face looks younger and radiant after the treatment.
  • Japanese facial massage - stage III focuses on intensive lifting techniques that are designed to improve the elasticity of the face and smooth the skin. We focus on most sensitive places.
  • Japanese face massage - stage IV - energizing part. We work on the acupressure points of the face to balance the work of the organs. Stimulation of points assigned to the appropriate organs improves their functioning. Therefore, acupressure can be used to alleviate existing ailments, as well as prophylactically to improve overall health and stimulate life energy.

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