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Permanent eyelash lift

Permanent eyelash lift treatment is performed to gain a lasting curling effect on the lashes. It is mainly aimed for straight lashes. Permanent eyelash lift saves a lot of time devoted to curling them with an eyelash curler. After the treatment, their daily routine comes down to putting a mascara on them, emphasizing the permanently formed shape.

The curl of your lashes depends on the size of selected for the treatment rollers and the type of used twist. The procedure takes no longer than an hour, while the effect lasts up to two months.

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Permanent eyelash lift + henna

After Wimpernwelle permanent eyelashes lift, thanks to the use of a Binacil gentle preparation for coloring eyelashes, the execution of henna is possible immediately after. That is without burning your eyes and irritation, henna is ready in two
140 PLN
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