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INOA hair coloring without ammonia

INOA hair coloring without ammonia

INOA hair coloring is suitable for everyone, especially for people with scalp irritation or a weakening of hair caused by traditional coloration with ammonia.

Innovative paint does not contain ammonia, it is odorless and does not cause irritation.

The basis of the INOA technology is an innovative system based on oil, increasing the efficiency of coloration. Revolutionary technology gently wraps the hair fiber with selected pigment without destroying its structure. It helps maintaining the natural protective lipid layer of the hair fiber, while ensuring the comfort of the scalp.

INOA coloring allows for both natural and intense color. INOA also offers a variety of color possibilities: precise and predictable shades – from the real cool tones to the vivid, luminous and warm. It can lighten your hair up to three tones, provide an unique uniformity of color, from the roots to the ends, as well as a perfect coverage of gray hair.

Thanks to the superior performance, INNOA has an intense moisturizing and nourishing properties, which lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair is softer and more shiny than before the coloration and present a deep, vibrating reflections.

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