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Majirel hair coloring

Majirel hair coloring

Majirel hair coloring, thanks to the advanced technology, provides a beautiful, strong, shiny hair and perfect, intense, lasting color, while guaranteeing full protection.

A wide range of colors allows for deep, intense and long-lasting shades, full of unusual brilliance. In addition, it guarantees 100% perfect gray hair coverage.

Majirel intensely nourishes the hair fiber by using two nourishing and regenerating components: Incell and Ionen G, that strengthen and protect each hair during the coloring treatment and between successive treatments. The hair is healthier and reinforced from the inside, their balance is maintained from the roots to the ends. After the treatment, hair increase its volume, they become more resilient and full of energy. In addition, they are more compact, powerful, silky, easy to comb and style.

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