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Clamp on ingrown toenails

Ingrown nails are now a very common problem which is why it is very important to prevent and properly care for it. If you have an ingrown nail, be sure to contact the office foot care specialist for a quick intervention.

Ambasada Urody uses various methods of correction for ingrown nails, but with strong ingrown and recurrent states, the most effective method is clamp wire. In the hands of a skilled, experienced pedicurist, this is an excellent method.

Clamps - success in correction of ingrown nails

Clamps to correct ingrown nails have been known for over 60 years. They fix the diseased nails by flattening the nail plate or changing the track of the nail’s growth. Properly prepared staples in several sizes adapts to the shape of the nail.

The procedure for setting of the clamp on the ingrown toenails is painless, and thanks to point application and individual control of the clamp’s tension, this leads to immediate pain relief.

The setting process is painless and it does not cause any discomfort while wearing it as well as being aesthetic.

When to use:

  • with strong and recurrent ingrown nails
  • if tearing the nail has not produced the expected results and the new nail begins to re-grow into

The clamps can be used in adults, children, allergy sufferers and diabetics. It is an effective and painless treatment for ingrown nail, often rescuing nail from surgery.

Clamps for ingrown toenails can be used longer in children over 5 years of age. In younger children, we use tamponade, which in the case of delicate placement and systematic application brings very good results.

Clamps are perfect for curled and tubular nails. You can wear it also in the case of inflammation and hyper granulation syndrome.

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Tamponade- during the procedure

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