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A SPA Gift Card for employees

Take care of your company's largest capital - the people! Surprise your employees with a unique gift tailored to their preferences, needs and age - with Ambasada Urody Gift Card. Show your gratitude for their commitment and let them feel individually appreciated and respected by gifting unique moments of relaxation after work in the highest possible standard.

We offer various forms of SPA PASSES - GIFTS FOR EMPLOYEES:

  • gift cards - in the form of exclusive, elegant invitations
  • value vouchers - specifying the amount to be used
  • value vouchers inviting for a specific treatment or package of treatments

It is possible to prepare a gift or a treat, e.g. glasses of champagne and fruits from the company with prior arrangements.

Teamwork is the key to success. Take care of mutual relationships in your company. Provide employees with the best conditions in which they will be able to fully regenerate their strength and in the atmosphere of blissful relaxation absorb knowledge that will translate into benefits at work.

We offer the possibility to organize INTEGRATION MEETINGS:

  • the possibility of closing a section of our SPA for a group of less than 10 people
  • possibility to close the SPA for a group of over 10 people
  • individual selection of treatments
  • catering
  • special training dedicated specifically to women and men - how to take care of your appearance at work every day
  • makeup lessons, taking care of the skin, hands and nails

We also recommend:

  • the opportunity to combine work and relaxation, e.g. a business meeting in a room for two during a massage. The informal atmosphere is conducive for creative thinking, the expressing ideas and the acquisition of knowledge.

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