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Treatments for slimming and shaping the body

When carrying out a slimming treatment, it is worth taking advantage of treatments that support the burning of fat deposits accumulated over the years. Thanks to them, you can count on getting rid of excess weight faster, as well as cleanse the body of harmful toxins and deposits, reduce puffiness and firm the body, and nourish and smooth the skin.

Slimming - unnecessary fatty tissue

Adipose tissue acts as a thermal protection against mechanical damage and as a reserve of energy. Most often it accumulates on the abdomen, hips, thighs and shoulders. Fat deposition is associated with various factors: eating too much high-calorie foods, a sedentary lifestyle, significant weight fluctuations, taking certain medications, especially hormonal drugs, mood disorders, and finally genes and aging. For both men and women, it follows a fixed pattern, closely related to genes and sex hormones.

Thus, in women, fatty tissue is deposited mainly around the hips and thighs, and in men - on the abdomen and torso. The distribution of postmenopausal adipose tissue in women changes to male with a typical complaint - loss of waistline. Apart from disturbed body contours associated with excess body fat, skin sagging and the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite occur with age.

When to use:

  • if you are not satisfied with your current weight,
  • you want to shape your body,
  • you want to have a more proportionate silhouette,
  • you want to cleanse the body and oxygenate the tissue,
  • you want to strengthen the muscles and skin.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • shaping the body and slimming your silhouette,
  • breaking down the fat through lipolysis and burning,
  • improvement in microcirculation and metabolism,
  • eliminating toxins and excess water from the body,
  • preventing the accumulation of new fat cells,
  • cellulite reduction and skin smoothing and strengthening,
  • helping in obtaining ideal body weight.

Current promotions

Endermologia LPG -20% Wyszczuplanie, ujędrnianie, cellulit

Endermologia LPG -20%
Wyszczuplanie, ujędrnianie, cellulit

- ujędrnienie 71%
- wcięcie w talii -5,2 cm
- wygładzenie cellulitu 67%
- wygładzenie zmarszczek 87%

Promocja ważna do: 31.07.2024
Kriolipoliza Cooltech Define -20% najnowszy, rewolucyjny model

Kriolipoliza Cooltech Define -20%
najnowszy, rewolucyjny model

Najnowsza kriolipoliza CoolTechi Define daje rezultaty porównywalne co najmniej z liposukcją. Już po jednym zabiegu następuje redukcja komórek tłuszczowych w miejscu zabiegowym o 20-30%.

Promocja ważna do: 31.07.2024
Kriolipoliza Cooltech -20% wymrażanie tkanki tłuszczowej

Kriolipoliza Cooltech -20%
wymrażanie tkanki tłuszczowej

Najnowsza kriolipoliza CoolTech daje rezultaty porównywalne co najmniej z liposukcją. Już po jednym zabiegu następuje redukcja komórek tłuszczowych w miejscu zabiegowym o 20-30%.

Promocja ważna do: 31.07.2024
ONDA -20% lub 2+1 GRATIS Trwałe usuwanie tłuszczu

ONDA -20% lub 2+1 GRATIS
Trwałe usuwanie tłuszczu

Najnowocześniejsza technologia trwale usuwająca komórki tłuszczowe i stymulująca włókna kolagenowe:
- likwiduje uporczywy cellulit
- usuwa miejscowe otłuszczenia
- ujędrnia zwiotczałą skórę
- modeluje sylwetkę
Fale dźwiękowe + presoterapia GRATIS

Fale dźwiękowe
+ presoterapia GRATIS

- Redukcja cellulitu
- Poprawa jędrności skóry
- Wyszczuplenie ciała
- Wymodelowanie sylwetki
- Leczenie obrzęków
- Odtoksycznienie organizmu
Ujedrnianie, wyszczuplanie, cellulit Bodymix + Liposhock

Ujedrnianie, wyszczuplanie, cellulit
Bodymix + Liposhock

- Wyszczuplanie ciała
- Modelowanie sylwetki
- Ujędrnianie skóry
- Redukcja opornego cellulitu.
Pakiet promocyjny:
6* Body Mix + 6* LipoShock GRATIS
Schwarzy do -60%Wyszczuplanie i budowanie mięśni

Schwarzy do -60%
Wyszczuplanie i budowanie mięśni

- Redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej
- Budowanie masy mięśniowej
- Wzmocnienie mięśni
- Modelowanie ciała
- Ujędrnianie skóry
Endermologia Alliance ciało Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13% Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Endermologia Alliance ciało
Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13%
Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Jedna z najskuteczniejszych metod walki z cellulitem, tkanką tłuszczową, wiotkością skóry i obrzękami. Oddziaływuje na główne przyczyny starzenia się skóry. Celem zabiegów jest wygładzenie skóry oraz wyszczuplenie i wymodelowanie sylwetki.

Goups of treatments prices:

Cryolipolysis - freezing of adipose tissue

Cryolipolysis is a breakthrough technology that allows locally remove fat tissue by cooling it to cause lipolysis (breaking down fat cells). The effect of the treatment is fat reduction without damaging other tissues. Unlike surgical methods, the chilling method is non-invasive. During the procedure, an applicator is applied to the skin surface to provide carefully controlled cooling that is directed to fat cells in specific areas of the body. Fat cells from a specific area of the body are gradually eliminated due to natural metabolic processes in our body. The result is a reduction in body fat, noticeable in most patients after 2 to 4 months.

VelaShape - slimming + cellulite + firming

VelaShape is the only non-invasive device, certified by the FDA (US government agency), confirming the effectiveness of reducing dimensions and body shaping. This technology effectively and safely shapes the figure, reduces body circumference, while improving the tone and structure of the skin and eliminates the symptoms of cellulite. VelaShape equals great figure in a short time, without risk, pain and unnecessary waste of time. It is used by movie stars and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Madonna, Kim Kardashian. This is the treatment you've always been waiting for!
Abdomen 400 PLN
Buttocks 450 PLN
Waist 300 PLN
Back 400 PLN
Arms 300 PLN

Onda for compact fat and cellulite

By using the unique Coolwaves microwaves, Onda treatment allows you to reach deeply accumulated fat. Fat cells are reduced in a selective and localized manner. Coolwaves microwaves act precisely and deeply on the membranes of fat cells, leading to their breakdown and then removal from the body naturally, metabolically.
Shoulders 1280 PLN 1600 PLN
Abdomen from 1280 PLN from 1600 PLN
Buttocks 1280 PLN 1600 PLN
Breeches 1280 PLN 1600 PLN
Above the knees area 1280 PLN 1600 PLN
Inner thighs 1280 PLN 1600 PLN
Thighs front or back 2080 PLN 2600 PLN

Accent Prime slimming

Accent Prime is a modern system that is a combination of advanced technologies, operating on the basis of ultrasonic and radio waves - thanks to which it is possible to reduce body fat, model the body and firm the slender skin with one device.
Abdomen and waist 480 PLN 600 PLN
Back or shoulders 480 PLN 600 PLN
Thighs and knees 480 PLN 600 PLN

Slimming Icoone

The latest patented Icoone technology allows for precise work on connective tissue. It eliminates cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphoedema and all signs of skin aging.

LPG Endermologie for weight loss

LPG endermology is the first FDA approved body reduction procedure that reduces body fat - enhances lipolytic response by 70%.
Full body treatment 150 PLN 190 PLN
Partial body treatment 96 - 120 PLN 120 - 150 PLN

Body Mix RF for slimming

Endermologie + cryotherapy + RF + laser
Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight body imperfections and excess body fat. It is based not on one, but on several advanced technologies. The device was designed by scientists for cellulite reduction, body shaping, slimming, improvement and strengthening of vessel walls. Recently, thanks to the latest technology solved with an RF head, Body Mix also fights visible sagging skin.

Sound waves - breaking down fat

Sound waves are an innovation in the fight against local obesity and advanced cellulite. They break down the fat cell and improve skin function and eliminate swelling by taking blood and lymphatic system. The effect of the treatment is the loss of centimeters in the body circumference. Sound waves are non-invasive, they help fighting with orange skin and get rid of compact, hard, hard to remove saturated fat, and the effects are visible after just a few treatments. The skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic, while cellulite and local imperfect properties are eliminated.

Biological slimming BeautyTek

It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA that makes the process of biological tissue regeneration possible. 

i-lipo - laser fat tissue reduction

Innovative diode laser technology for fractional fat reduction. It shapes the figure, reduces fat and cellulite due to stimulation of natural metabolic channels. I-lipo supports weight loss and a slim figure, and by emptying adipocytes
Lipo 290 PLN
Lipo Ultra 90 - 190 PLN
Lipo 2320 PLN
Lipo Ultra 1520 PLN

Carboxytherapy - fat tissue

Carbon dioxide mesotherapy
Carboxytherapy of adipose tissue is an excellent alternative to classical liposuction, not burdened with complications associated with the traditional method. Fat cells are very sensitive to CO2 injections. Carboxytherapy combines the mechanical and chemical effects on the destruction of fat cells and the metabolite discharge.
Chin 150 PLN
Arms 150 PLN
Abdomen 250 PLN
Buttocks 250 PLN
Thighs 300 PLN
Calves 200 PLN

Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a safe procedure that allows you to effectively eliminate local excess fat. It is based on the injection of a safe, naturally occurring in the body, substance that breaks down complex

Slimming body massages

Regular massages significantly reduce cellulite, stimulate microcirculation in the tissues and remove toxins from the body, which is especially important when losing weight. They counteract the aging and sagging of the skin and firm the

Algae for the body

Rich in microelements and vitamins, algae not only have a healing effect, supporting the functioning of the entire body, but also have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.

Pressotherapy - weight loss support

Compression lymphatic drainage
Presotherapy or compression lymphatic drainage supports the processes of slimming and general cleansing of toxins from the body and is one of the most important, extremely effective forms of interaction in anti-cellulite therapy.
Pressotherapy 120 PLN