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Treatments for dry skin

Dry skin is thin, delicate, sensitive and has a greater tendency to allergies. It tends to react with redness, burning or other unpleasant ailment. It does not produce the right amount of sebum, resulting in excessive loss of moisture and increases susceptibility to all kinds of injuries. It ages quickly, loses elasticity and firmness. Wrinkles start to appear, since elasticity is in close relationship with the amount of water in the stratum corneum. It requires, above all, continuous humidification, nutrition and the additional input of lipids.

When to use:

When your skin is very sensitive, after cleansing is always tense, and with age is becoming thinner, less elastic and smooth. It often peels and reacts with redness and feeling of dryness on the weather conditions and cosmetics, water and soap. Very often around the cheeks area, the expanded blood vessels appear.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • firmness and flexibility of the skin
  • moisturizing, skin hydration
  • restoring the natural hydro-lipid balance
  • nutrition and oxygenation of tissues
  • smoothing the epidermis
  • prevention and hyperpigmentation treatment
  • overcoming the feeling of dryness, tightness and burning.