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Nail art

Well-groomed and shapely nails are the most beautiful adornment of a women's hands and feet. There is no single quick recipes that guarantees permanent beauty, so, it is important to choose the right procedure that will bring a lasting effect.

Gel manicure and gel pedicure

Gel/hybrid nail polish is a combination of the best properties of nail polish (ease of application, high gloss, saturated color) and also the best qualities of gel (a thin protective layer, it is almost odorless and is indelible). It is applied as a thin layer of varnish and hardened in LED light that ensures beautiful and flawless color.

Vinyl manicure and pedicure

Vinylux is a two-stage nail system consisting of colored paint which consists of Vinylux Base Coat and Top Coat formula. It ensures durability and gloss for up to 10 days. Saturated color pigments cover the nail plate with an intense color that dries in 60 seconds.

Titanium manicure

The SNS Modern Styling is an innovative manicure using durable titanium which has an excellent reputation in the United States since 1996. SNS Product is a completely revolutionary way to a healthy and well-groomed nails which is now available in Poland.

Styling nail hand

For women, who has not been endowed with strong nails or whose lifestyle does not allow them to keep the nails in good shape, the best method may be fingernail or fake nails modeling. Using modern materials, you can strengthen or extend the nail plate and adjust its shape. We also offer original decorations made using zircon, glitter flakes of silver and gold as well as stickers and jewelry.

Styling nail foot

Using modern materials, the nail plate are smoothen, strengthened and we will shape the nails. In our offer, we also have original ornaments made using zircon, glitter flakes of silver and gold, stickers and jewelry. We offer to decorate the toenails with flat, convex or very showy patterns or with three-dimensional hologram.