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Cryolift 3.0

Cryolift is a method based on medical research, which is a perfect combination of exposure to high-quality products with bio-stimulating action of crio-plastics or luminotherapy.

Cryolift 3 - Cryolifting

For crio-plastics treatment, meaning modeling, lifting and firming the skin with cold, we use a special cooling head camera Cryolift 3 with increased cooling capacity. It generates a cold stabilized at a temperature from -10 to - 18C, which discharged directly to the skin improves the microcirculation, oxygenation of the skin and distribute the active ingredients.

CRYOLIFT 3 - Luminotherapy LED

LED light therapy is a relatively new and efficient method used widely in cosmetology, medicine and aesthetic dermatology. LED light therapy has broad spectrum of activity. Light is an extremely important factor for the existence and proper functioning of living organisms. Treatments with LED light does not warm the skin as the laser light, so that it is non-invasive, but very effective method of improving the condition of the skin.