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Visia - Computerized Facial Skin Condition Assessment

Before you sign up for beauty treatments, diagnose your skin.

Visia is the most modern diagnostic device in Europe. Advanced technology provides a valuable assessment of the skin condition, which the system displays on the monitor, allows you to print the analysis and tracks the progress achieved during subsequent treatments.

Visia determines the condition of the skin by means of numerical values that so far could be assessed very subjectively. The obtained reports enable the use of appropriate tools necessary for doctors and cosmetologists to more effectively offer rejuvenating and other treatments necessary for the proper care of the skin condition.

The use of the Visia system enables patients to participate in treatment and increases their satisfaction with the recommended treatments and programs, which results in the optimal improvement of their skin health.

Advantages of the Visia Skin Analysis System:

  • Simulation of the aging process. Simulate the patient's aging process by 5-7 years or visualize the patient's rejuvenation by 5-7 years.
  • Numerical diagnosis of skin features. Measurement of discoloration, sun spots, age spots, redness (assessment of the condition of blood vessels), wrinkles, skin structure, size and condition of pores, porphyrins and photo-damage.
  • Skin condition comparison. Compare the features of a woman's or man's skin to other cases of the same age and skin type.
  • Comparable photos. Assured repeatability of photos - before and after photos in the same position thanks to built-in guidance and uniform lighting.
  • Multi - spectral imaging. Uses standard polarized UV photography to record and enable surface and subsurface skin measurements. This allows the skin to be analyzed for sun damage and the observation of porphyrins.
  • RBX technology. The subsurface study of Red and Brown features provides incomparable analysis and diagnosis of, among others erythema, rosacea, broken blood vessels, discoloration or acne.
  • Customizing reports to individual needs. Provides an easy-to-understand description of the test results even for patients, including recommendations for improving the condition and caring for the complexion.
  • Comprehensive face image. The Visia screen shows the entire face from the chin to the hairline, which is especially useful for analyzing skin texture and wrinkles.
  • Frontal and lateral analysis. Visia allows you to analyze views to the left, right and front of the face. Every detail of the client's skin condition can be carefully examined and displayed.
  • 3D option. It enables three-dimensional imaging of a skin fragment and rotation of the image in space.
  • Close-ups. Possibility of taking a close-up of any area of ​​the face in order to make a precise diagnosis.

Treatments prices:

Visia Computerized Facial Skin Condition Assessment

Visia is an advanced technology that provides a valuable assessment of the condition of the facial skin. The measurement concerns the age of the skin, the depth of wrinkles, the size of discoloration, sun and age spots, redness (assessment
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