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Mediderma nano-treatments

The Dermapen treatment restores the skin's firmness and rebuilds its structure so that it is a supporting scaffolding for the bust (a natural bra). Its effects are: strengthening of connective tissue, improvement of skin tension within the bust, as well as deep hydration and smoothing of the skin. It gives the best results at the first signs of aging of the breast skin.

Nanotechnology and genocosmetics

One of the elements that distinguish the Mediderma brand the most is certainly nanotechnology. It enables the transfer of active ingredients enclosed in nanosomes to the deepest layers of the skin, which enhances their effect. Thanks to the use of nanosomes, the active substances contained in them also have greater stability (this mainly applies to vitamins A and C and all substances that have a high ability to oxidize), thanks to which they reach the deep layers of the skin in an unchanged form.

The Mediderma brand is also a pioneer in a new field of cosmetics - genocosmetics. Most of the cosmetics available on the market only eliminate the signs of skin aging, which are caused by the reduced physiological efficiency of cells: "aged" cells accumulate damage in their DNA, which makes their regeneration less effective each time. Mediderma products affect genes to combat the problem at its source. The active ingredients used in the treatments, thanks to the use of nanotechnology, reach the deep layers of the skin, send a signal that stimulates cells to replicate or, for example, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin or other essential ingredient.

Micro-puncture Nanopore

In Mediderma nano-treatments, we combine peels with Nanopore microneedles and growth factors (first a peel, then needles and active ingredients and growth factors), thanks to which their action is doubled or tripled. However, there are no side effects, irritation and bleeding known from previous generation needles, and the procedure is almost painless and requires no anesthesia. Therefore, after leaving the office, it looks good: no redness and no puncture marks. It is one of the most effective rejuvenating treatments, comparable to laser treatments, but without side effects.

Nanopore micro-piercing rejuvenates the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the size of the pores, improving skin elasticity. The treatment triggers a natural healing response. It removes dead cells from the surface of the skin and causes a slight exfoliation of the stratum corneum, increasing the absorption of active cosmetic ingredients. By stimulating the skin in this unique way, it begins to produce and hold substances that are lost through aging, such as collagen, elastin and growth factors.

Goups of treatments prices:

Nano treatments with micro-punctures

Nano biorevitalizing treatments for the skin with the use of superficial peels, growth factors and microneedles. The combination of peels, growth factors and other active ingredients (including hyaluronic acid, zinc, amino acids, copper,

Nano treatments with corneimaging

Nano-treatments with the use of surface chemical peels adapted to the skin problem and special nano-needle modules for corneal imaging of the epidermis. The use of Mediderma superficial peels and active substances in nanotechnology allow them

Nano peels

Nano peels are peels using the latest nanotechnology achievements that work at the DNA level. Their active substances are closed in liposomes - lipid vesicles that transport their substances to the deepest layers of the skin. Thanks to this, they
DNA Recovery Peel from 350 PLN
Retises CT Nanopeel from 400 PLN