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Skin exfoliation - HydraFacial

Water Microdermabrasion - HydraFacial (hydropeeling) is a breakthrough technology in cosmetology enabling stimulation thorough cleansing, moisturizing and skin rejuvenation. HydraFacial is an integrated system that combines the advantages of either microdermabrasion (exfoliation), which is the old skin peel and skin regeneration when using multi-active substances containing antioxidants, in combination with a vacuum. Thanks to its unique properties, consisting of the ability to moisten the skin, it is very effective for rejuvenating and revitalizing.

Hydrafacial - medical cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin - Ambasada Urody Warszawa Wilanów

Water microdermabrasion hydra facial- how it works

Water microdermabrasion HydraFacial consist of the removal of dead cells and impurities from the skin surface with the simultaneous application of specialized active ingredients selected to the skin problem, that are cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating . During the treatment, when the top layer is peeled off the skin, a special tip allows active substances to enter deeper.

Water microdermabrasion can be used for various types of exfoliating treatments, depending on the active substance used, which under high pressure enters into the deep layers of the epidermis. Therapy is soothing, refreshing and does not lead to irritation. The effects are visible immediately.

A great advantage of the HydraFacial system is the possibility of combining the classic diamond microdermabrasion with chemical peels. During the treatment, when the outer layer is peeled off the skin, a special tip allow active substances to reach deeper, without the need of using high concentrations to achieve the desired effect.

When to use:

HydraFacial treatment is designed for everyone, even the most sensitive skin types. The treatment is ideal for people who want to get rid of wrinkles, discoloration, or have problems with excessive dryness of the skin, hypoxia or their skin seems to have lost the brilliance. Hydradermabrasion works great even in case of contaminated skin or persistent acne. HydraFacial is also recommended after laser treatments and plastic surgery in order to strengthen and regenerate the skin.

Application of healing serum during the treatment is formulated individually and matched to the characteristics of the patient's skin, the age and condition of the skin.

Hollywood stars love the Hydrafacial treatment

Indications for hzdra facial therapy:

  • fine wrinkles,
  • deep wrinkles,
  • oily skin,
  • dehydrated complexion,
  • acne,
  • oxygenated complexion,
  • skin with uneven skin tone, discoloration.

Effects of treatment:

The difference in the appearance of the skin can be seen after the first treatment. The skin becomes smooth and radiant and the effect lasts more than 7 days. To improve the appearance of small or deep wrinkles, skin discoloration and acne, we recommend a series of 6 treatments (1 treatment per week).

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Treatments prices:

Hydrafacial - face

Cleansing and conditioning treatment for all skin types, depending on your needs. Through the use of diamond or water microdermabrasion and cocktails Active 4, Beta-HD, your skin will be cleansed and intensely moisturized. Antiox 6 serum can
590 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
690 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
890 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Dermabuilder serum

DermaBuilder serum is an anti-aging multi-peptides complex. It eliminates excessive activity of facial muscles, as a local muscle relaxant agent, which in turn reduces the buildup of surface and deep wrinkles. It is recommended as an alternative
from 790 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Glycol and salicylic peel

A combination of chemical peeling and mechanical exfoliation allows to achieve amazing results, without side effects characteristic for regular treatments performed separately. Ideal for delicate, thin and sensitive skin, as well as for oily and
from 690 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Specimen prices:

Hydrafacial - Activ 4

A breakthrough treatment in lifting cosmetology suitable for any skin type. Patented formula of active substances deeply cleanses the skin, softens sebum and impurities which helps in mechanical exfoliation of dead epidermis. It strengthens and
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Hydrafacial - Beta HD

A multifunctional formula of active substances for oily, acne prone skin. During a deep cleansing the AHA substances soften the sebum and impurities, which helps in mechanical exfoliation of dead epidermis. Additionally, the substances deeply
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23

Hydrafacial - Antiox 6

An ideal therapy for complete moisturization and skin protection. Allows fighting free radicals, has a soothing and calming effect on the skin surface. Hybrid complex of active substances consisting of hyaluronic acid, stable forms of vitamin A
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23