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Zoga Face Integration

Zoga Face Integration is characterized by a large stimulus and a spectacular rejuvenating, lifting and therapeutic effect.

Zoga Face Integration is a manual aesthetic face modeling with the help of muscle manipulation techniques that affect the tissues in order to normalize the myofascial tension in the décolleté area, bonnet and mimic muscles. It improves the flow of lymph and tissue circulation and finally rejuvenates and lifts the client's face.

The method complements the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration therapy, which aims to restore the proper alignment of tissues with respect to the gravitational field.


The result of using special corrective techniques is the normalization of myofascial tension, and the basic external effects using the method of aesthetic facial integration are as follows:

  • Volume reduction in problem areas;
  • Contouring the oval;
  • Elimination of the effect of sagging skin, alignment of skin structure;
  • Obtaining effective lymphatic drainage;
  • Improvement of venous blood flow and activation of tissue metabolism;
  • An inflow of energy and vitality, increased working capacity and a good mood (the so-called improvement in the quality of life).

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Zoga Face Integration

Zoga Face Integration (Structural Integration) is a type of advanced massage which, by eliminating the myofascial tension around the head and neckline, restores the face's natural symmetry, shapes and spectacularly rejuvenates. The
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