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Collagen 360

Firming and moisturizing for the skin 30-40 y/o


Collagen 360

It is an intensive treatment with a firming and tightening effect, improving skin density, based on enriched marine collagen. A line designed to combat the symptoms of skin aging (loss of firmness, density, wrinkles, change of the face oval).

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin (70%), it is the main component of the extracellular matrix, it is a "scaffold" for the skin, ensuring proper tension. Over time, the synthesis of collagen is reduced, which leads to increased degradation and disorganization of its fibers, changes in tissues and loss of skin firmness.


Enriched marine collagen is fully compatible with our skin cells, thanks to which it works in many directions:

provides structural (building) units: the amino acids contained in it are used as substrates in the process of creating new collagen
stimulates the cells involved in the synthesis of collagen: fibroblasts react to the presence of free amino acids by increasing metabolism, which increases the production of collagen.
improves skin elasticity, increases its density, has a tightening effect.
additionally active substances (vitamin C, retinol, mimetic peptides, plant extracts) stimulate and firm the skin intensively



  • firming, improving the density and elasticity of the skin, improving the oval of the face
  • combating the symptoms of skin aging
  • reduction of wrinkles



  • hydrolyzed Nmor collagen
  • amino acids
  • retinol
  • mimetic peptides
  • vitamin C


  • skin aging
  • loss of skin tone and density
  • photo damage
  • as a "banquet" procedure before a big event



  • every 2 weeks

480 PLN
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