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Treatments for the neck and decolletage

Skin around the neck is especially thin and delicate, and therefore requires a systematic and meticulous care. Thin skin on the cleavage, almost completely devoid of bedding fat, quickly becomes dehydrated and limp and therefore wrinkles appear. There is also a smaller number of sebaceous glands, which provide proper lubrication and protection from drying out. Horizontal wrinkles and laxity start to quickly appear, skin loosens and starts aging. Over time, the cells begins to grow fat and the neck begins to gain weight.

When to use:

As a prevention of neck aging. The most important thing is consistency. People who do not forget about the care of these parties, can enjoy their good look and they do not worry about that neck betray their age. For the sake of our neck and décolletage you should begin regular care of your neck from the age of twenty.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • maintaining an adequate level of hydration of the skin
  • restoration of the hydrolipidic film and suppression of the excessive, transepidermal water loss
  • nutrition, regeneration and tissue energizing
  • improvement of voltage, rejuvenation, firming and smoothing of the skin,
  • elasticizing and thickening of the epidermis
  • wrinkles reduction and inhibition of the formation of new ones
  • lightening of pigmentation disorders and discoloration

W tej kategorii proponujemy grupy zabiegów:

Zaffiro for the neck and décolletage

Zaffiro termolifting for in-depth regeneration of collagen fibers. The thermal effect, caused by the device in the lower layers of the skin, stimulates collagen fibers, which results in their contraction to its original length. As the result,
Neck 600 PLN
Neck + chin 700 PLN
Decolletage 800 PLN

Neck and cleavage rejuvenation with fractional laser

Treatments with fractional laser are very effective and quick therapy to improve skin quality. The results are associated with: smoothing fine wrinkles, renewing the epidermis and collagen fibers as well as dermis elastic fibers, improving
Neck 1000 PLN
Neck + chin 1200 PLN
Decolletage 1400 PLN
Szyja 800 PLN
Dekolt 800 PLN
Szyja 900 PLN
Dekolt 900 PLN

Microneedle radiofrequency for neck and cleavage

Microneedle radiofrequency belongs to the strongest and deepest working RF technology. The method combines needle microcenthesis (up to 3.5 mm deep into the skin) with very strong heating of deep layers of the skin by radio frequency (RF).
Neck and cleavage 1200 PLN 1500 PLN

Needle-free radiofrequency for neck and cleavage

Radiofrequency is the treatment for the skin with radio frequency electromagnetic waves, which stimulates tissue regeneration by heating the tissue. Heat causes contraction of collagen fibers and thus induces the processes of creating new collagen.
Body firming 350 PLN 500 PLN
Neck treatment 210 PLN 300 PLN
Neck and cleavage from 600 PLN

Microcenthesis skin and neck

Skin microcenthesis (microneedling) is a procedure involving the creation of microdamages in the skin, using devices equipped with needles of different lengths. The needles penetrate the epidermis without removing it,
Dermapen 590 - 780 PLN
Cit Medyczny from 2000 PLN
Cit Chirurgiczny from 2500 PLN

Neauvia Explosion

Do you want your neck to look beautiful and not betray the age? Patients who comprehensively care for the young appearance of the skin