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Selvert Thermal bio-treatments

The essence of Selvert Thermal treatments is "self-healing", i.e. stimulation of the natural tissue reconstruction cycle and improvement of the skin's immune system, which significantly supports the regeneration processes of the skin and connective tissue.  

The creators of the brand, searching for ingredients capable of such results without side effects, reached for the internal wealth of the earth (mud, mules, clays, peat, thermal water, minerals and precious stones) and for nature - a source of substances of natural origin. Selvert Thermal treatments also don't lack the latest advances in medicine, pharmacology, biology, biotechnology, chemistry and genetic engineering. 

In this category we recommend treatments:

Bio-treatment for rosacea

Selvert Thermal
A gentle treatment for rosacea is designed for skin with impaired protective barrier. Effective, non-irritating, restores proper lipid barrier. Activates the micro peripheral circulation and increases the permeability of capillaries. It cleanses
240 PLN
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