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Firming and lifting treatment

Due to aging, activity of the muscles decreases leading to flaccidity, which no longer supports the natural skin as well causing elastic fibers and collagens to decrease. These processes have a significant effect on the loss of skin firmness and density which causes sagging. With age, the natural lipid layer becomes thinner, resulting in loss of water from the stratum corneum, as a result, reducing the flexibility of the skin.

When to use:

  • When the skin is noticeably thinner, less firm and elastic, and the supporting muscles are flaccid,
  • Naso-labial folds,
  • Eexcess upper eyelids drooping,
  • Drooping of the lateral part of the cheeks.
lifting ultradzwiekowy HIFU Sonoqueen
Lifting ultradźwiękowy HIFU to najlepszy sposób na pozbycie się zwiotczałej skóry - Sonoqueen nr 1 w Polsce

Our treatments give the following results:

  • deep and long-lasting hydration
  • providing nutrients into the skin
  • energize and regenerate tissues
  • stimulation of the natural processes of cell renewal
  • increasing the production of healthy collagen and elastin
  • softens the epidermis
  • firming the skin and restore cohesion
  • improvement of muscle tone
  • improving and shaping facial contours

Current promotions

HIFU Sonoqueen do -30% Najgłębszy lifting ultradźwiękowy

HIFU Sonoqueen do -30%
Najgłębszy lifting ultradźwiękowy

Najnowszej generacji technologia HIFU poprawia owal twarzy, spłyca fałdy nosowo-wargowe, unoszi brwi oraz powieki górne, niweluje zmarszczki oraz zagęszcza luźną skórą twarzy, szyi, brzucha, ramion, ud i pośladków.

Promocja ważna do: 30.09.2020
Pelleve -30% najmocniejszy termolifting RF

Pelleve -30%
najmocniejszy termolifting RF

Zabieg Pelleve odwraca oznaki starzenia - redukuje zwiotczenia i spłyca zmarszczki ogrzewając głębokie warstwy skóry, która staje się młodsza zarówno w wyglądzie, jak i w dotyku.

Promocja ważna do: 30.09.2020
Reaction RF -30% Odmładzanie twarzy i oczu Wyszczuplanie podbródka

Reaction RF -30%
Odmładzanie twarzy i oczu
Wyszczuplanie podbródka

Zabieg łączący bipolarną energię fali radiowej z masażem endodermicznym. Poprawie elastyczność i napięcie skóry, redukuje zmarszczki i przywraca twarzy młodość.

Promocja ważna do: 30.09.2020
Endermologia LPG Alliance Pakiet 6 zabiegów -30%

Endermologia LPG Alliance
Pakiet 6 zabiegów -30%

Jedna z najskuteczniejszych metod walki z cellulitem, nadmiarem tkanki tłuszczowej, wiotkością skóry oraz obrzękami. To nieinwazyjna technika oddziałująca na główne przyczyny starzenia się skóry i utratę jej gęstości.

Promocja ważna do: 30.09.2020


Stimulate and Lift podnieś swoją skórę

Stimulate and Lift
podnieś swoją skórę

Neauvia Stimulate & Lift to luksusowy pakiet zabiegów, który zapobiega efektom starzenia się i postępującym zmianom skóry twarzy. Stimulate & Lift to kompozycja organicznego kwasu hialuronowego oraz cennego dla naszej skóry minerału -hydroksyapatytu wapnia.

W tej kategorii proponujemy grupy zabiegów:

Thermolifting Zaffiro

Zaffiro thermolifting is used for non-surgical face and body skin lifting. The device emits infrared IR radiation, causing uniform and gradual heating of the deep layers of the dermis (up to 65 ° C) with constant, protective surface cooling. The thermal effect that occurs in the lower layers of the skin causes heating and irritation of collagen fibers, which results in a rapid contraction of the fibers to their original length.
Face 800 PLN
Face + chin 900 PLN
Neck 600 PLN
Neck + chin 700 PLN
Face + neck 1100 PLN
Decolletage 800 PLN

Deep lifting with HIFU ultrasounds

SonoQueen and Ulthera are devices with the latest generation of HIFU technology for face and body skin lifting. Concentrated high frequency ultrasounds intensively lift, giving the effect of multidimensional skin firming. The precise beam of the ultrasonic wave allows to reach 3 layers: dermis, adipose tissue and muscle fascia, which starts the process of regeneration of flabby collagen fibers
Forehead from 1500 PLN
Cheeks from 6000 PLN
Lower face from 9000 PLN
Whole face from 11000 PLN
Face from 3500 PLN from 5000 PLN
Face and eye area from 4200 PLN from 6000 PLN
Face,neck and chin from 6300 PLN from 9000 PLN

Face firming with RF radio waves

Radiofrequency is radio frequency electromagnetic radiation generated by alternating current. The main biological effect is overheating of collagen fibers, which thanks to heating are subject to contraction and, as a consequence, also tightness.
Twarz from 5500 PLN
Face from 600 PLN
Pelleve 1600 PLN
Reaction RF 400 PLN

Non-ablative laser lifting Clear Lift

Clear Lift is the newest non-ablative fractional lifting laser designed for skin that requires deep regeneration, firming and immediate rejuvenation. It shows good results as far as collagen reconstruction,
Twarz 900 PLN
Okolice oczu 500 PLN
Okolice ust 500 PLN

DeepIR laser facial sagging removal

Say goodbye to sagging skin - say hello to increased elasticity, removal of shallow wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and the whole body. Palomar Medical's DeepIR skin firming technology uses infrared light pulses to create fractional zones of strong heat at greater depths with less damage to the skin.
Face 1600 PLN
Chin 400 PLN
Face + chin 1800 PLN
Neck 1000 PLN
Neck + chin 1200 PLN
Decolletage 1400 PLN

Deep mesotherapy

Advanced rebuilding the skin structure mesotherapy. It involves deep intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid - non-crosslinked or partially cross-linked. It can be injected all over the skin or introduced with a "soft lifting" technique using a soft cannula. Hyaluronic acid then creates an additional mesh, a kind of 'scaffolding' that prevents wrinkles and allows the face oval to be modeled.

Cryolift cold firming

For cryoplasty, i.e. modeling, lifting and firming the skin with cold, we use a special cooling head

LPG endermologie for facial sagging

Lliftmassage LPG facial endermology is a modern, non-invasive technology that offers excellent drainage and a natural lifting. It provides dynamic cellular stimulation in the tissues, which helps fight the symptoms of aging and restores skin density. Modern, non-invasive technology ensures perfect drainage and a natural face, neck, cleavage and breast lifting thanks to the combination of rhythmic, three-dimensional vacuum massage with vibration massage of deep layers of the skin.

Icoone face firming

Icoone is the latest generation of vacuum massage, which allows for precise work on connective tissue.

Lifting face massages

Facial massage is primarily a preventive measure. Its main purpose is to keep the skin and muscles flexible and to prevent wrinkles.

Thread lifting

Thread lifting is a proven, safe method of rejuvenating the face and body. Its advantage is primarily the natural appearance of the treated area, minimal invasiveness, low risk of complications and long-lasting aesthetic effects. A wide range of thread sizes as well as their diversity and versatility of use allow to achieve spectacular effects.

Cosmetic firming face treatments

Cosmetic firming and lifting facials are aimed at improving the face oval and contour. In addition, they improve the overall condition of the skin and give it a youthful, nourished appearance. Facial lifting involves tightening the tissues and lifting them up, while firming focuses on restoring the skin's density and ability to self-regenerate collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for naturally tight, wrinkle-free skin.

Iontophoresis firming treatments

Iontophoresis is a method involving the introduction of active substances deep into the skin using electric field forces. For treatments we use only special substances, chemical compounds that break down into ions. The use of iontophoresis causes a significant intensification of the effects of the treatments, thanks to faster and deeper penetration of active substances through the epidermis and the beneficial effect of current on tissues.