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Anti-cellulite and detoxifying treatments

Cellulite is a problem typically occurring for women, which results from non-uniform deposition of fat, water and waste products, as well as malfunctioning of the lymphatic system. Consequently, in the subcutaneous tissue of the cavity there are lumps called orange peel. The development of cellulite is influenced by many factors, including lack of physical activity, being overweight, hot baths, stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive intake of carbohydrates and salt, as well as wearing tight clothes.


Cellulite is a chronic inflammation of the connective tissue caused by a disturbance of the metabolic processes in adipose tissue. The fluid penetrates from the blood and lymph vessels into the tissues in which it remains due to poorly functioning return transport. More and more fat and water accumulate in fat cells, which causes hardening of the subcutaneous tissue. Visible dimples form in the skin.

Cellulite - reducing cellulite

Fighting cellulite requires regularity and consists in:

  • Changing your lifestyle and taking exercise regularly
  • Following an appropriate, healthy diet
  • The use of specialized cosmetic treatments, treatments with the use of modern equipment and manual massages
  • Using special cosmetics for home care
The best cellulite treatments - Ambasada Urody Warszawa

When to use:

  • if you see bumps in the subcutaneous tissue,
  • your skin looks gray and pale,
  • you have the feeling of heavy legs and circulatory disorders,
  • prophylactically in order to have a smooth, healthy skin,
  • if you have a hereditary predisposition to the orange peel.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • increasing the metabolism of fat,
  • activating the process of drainage and cellular exchange,
  • stimulating microcirculation of blood and lymph,
  • removing toxins and excess water from the tissues,
  • supplying active ingredients deep into the skin,
  • firming and strengthening the skin.

Current promotions

ONDA 2+1 GRATIS Trwałe usuwanie tłuszczu

Trwałe usuwanie tłuszczu

- likwiduje uporczywy cellulit
- usuwa miejscowe otłuszczenia
- ujędrnia zwiotczałą skórę
- modeluje sylwetkę

Promocja ważna do: 30.04.2024
Karboksyterapia -20% Mezoterapia dwutlenkiem węgla

Karboksyterapia -20%
Mezoterapia dwutlenkiem węgla

- zwiotczenia twarzy i ciała
- zmarszczki na twarzy, szyi i dekolcie
- cellulit i tkanka tłuszczowa
- kurze łapki i cienie pod oczami

Promocja ważna do: 30.04.2024
Fale dźwiękowe + presoterapia GRATIS

Fale dźwiękowe
+ presoterapia GRATIS

- Redukcja cellulitu
- Poprawa jędrności skóry
- Wyszczuplenie ciała
- Wymodelowanie sylwetki
- Leczenie obrzęków
- Odtoksycznienie organizmu
Ujedrnianie, wyszczuplanie, cellulit Bodymix + Liposhock

Ujedrnianie, wyszczuplanie, cellulit
Bodymix + Liposhock

- Wyszczuplanie ciała
- Modelowanie sylwetki
- Ujędrnianie skóry
- Redukcja opornego cellulitu.
Pakiet promocyjny:
6* Body Mix + 6* LipoShock GRATIS
Endermologia Alliance ciało Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13% Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Endermologia Alliance ciało
Pakiet 6 zabiegów -13%
Pakiet 10 zabiegów -26% +strój LPG

Jedna z najskuteczniejszych metod walki z cellulitem, tkanką tłuszczową, wiotkością skóry i obrzękami. Oddziaływuje na główne przyczyny starzenia się skóry. Celem zabiegów jest wygładzenie skóry oraz wyszczuplenie i wymodelowanie sylwetki.

Goups of treatments prices:

Onda for cellulite - A global novelty!

Deka's Onda device uses Coolwaves microwaves, which selectively reach fat cells, guaranteeing spectacular fat reduction and natural reduction of cellulite. Cellulite reduction is very effective thanks to the use of microwaves and a specially adapted head for a shallower layer of skin, which ensures the reduction of persistent cellulite at various stages of its development.
Shoulders 1600 PLN
Abdomen from 1600 PLN
Buttocks 1600 PLN
Breeches 1600 PLN
Inner thighs 1600 PLN

VelaShape - cellulite + slimming + firming

Endermology + RF + IR
The VelaShape device represents a new generation of devices based on vacuum massage and clinically proven, patented elos technology recognized by doctors worldwide. The use of elos technology (simultaneous exposure to infrared light and bipolar RF current) effectively raises the skin temperature to a depth of 15 mm! The effect of this action is the emptying of fat cells.

Acoustic waves for advanced cellulite

Acoustic waves are an innovation in the fight against advanced cellulite and local obesity. They work non-invasively, allowing you to deal with orange peel and get rid of compact, hard, hard to remove fat tissue, and the effects can be seen after a few treatments. They break down fat cells and improve skin tone and eliminate swelling by stimulating the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The effect of the treatments is also the loss of centimeters in the body circumference. The skin after the treatment becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic, and cellulite and local imperfections are eliminated.

RF radio waves for cellulite

Radio wave energy is used in treatments that effectively shape the figure, reduce cellulite and fat. Deep, controlled heating of the subcutaneous fat layers and acceleration of blood circulation allow drainage of fat deposits through the

Body Mix RF for cellulite

Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight body imperfections and excess body fat. It is based not on one, but on several advanced technologies. The device was designed by scientists for cellulite reduction, body shaping, slimming, improvement and strengthening of vessel walls. Recently, thanks to the latest technology solved with an RF head, Body Mix also fights visible sagging skin.

Icoone for cellulite

The latest patented Icoone technology allows for precise work on connective tissue. It eliminates cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphoedema and all signs of skin aging.

LPG Endermologie for cellulite

LPG Endermologie treatment helps to shape the figure and firm the skin. Endermologie® is the first FDA approved cellulite reduction treatment. LPG® ROLLERS affect 3 components of cellulite: water retention, fibrosis and adipocyte

BeautyTek for cellulite

Biological tissue rejuvenation
It is an intelligent biocybernetic system invented by a scientist from NASA that makes the process of biological tissue regeneration possible. 

Needle mesotherapy for cellulite

Needle mesotherapy involves direct skin supplementation by injecting medicinal substances intradermally with a very thin needle. For treatments, it uses solutions called cocktails, which are a mixture of revitalizing and regenerating substances

Carboxytherapy for cellulite

Carbon dioxide mesotherapy
Cellulite carboxytherapy combines mechanical and chemical effects on the destruction of fat cells and the metabolite discharge. This process leads to a reduction in the number of fat cells and a reduction in cellulite. CO2 introduced into
Arms 120 PLN 150 PLN
Abdomen 200 PLN 250 PLN
Buttocks 200 PLN 250 PLN
Thighs 240 PLN 300 PLN
Calves 160 PLN 200 PLN

I-lipo ultra laser for cellulite

Innovative diode laser technology for fractional fat reduction. It shapes the figure, reduces fat and cellulite due to stimulation of natural metabolic channels. The effects are visible immediately after the procedure, and with a full series of 8 sessions within 4 weeks, the loss in the circumference reaches several, and - with the introduction of diet and exercise - even more than 10 cm.
Lipo 290 PLN
Lipo Ultra 90 - 190 PLN
Lipo 2320 PLN
Lipo Ultra 1520 PLN

Pressotherapy for cellulite

Compression lymphatic drainage
Presotherapy is one of the most important, extremely effective form of interaction in anti-cellulite therapy. It helps in the fight against cellulite by accelerating blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the body.
Pressotherapy 120 PLN

Anti-cellulite body massages

Body massage is a form of therapy that has been used for several thousand years, and even as a method of treating the body. It consists in the interaction of mechanical stimuli on the tissues of the body in order to cause positive reactions in them. Removes fatigue and helps maintain health and beauty.

Anti-cellulite body masks

Body treatments using the latest generation of masks, algae, mineral clays and mud, rich in bioactive ingredients. They have a strongly regenerating and detoxifying effect, they condition the skin and help get rid of any beauty shortcomings.