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Laser acne treatment

Creams and topical medications can be effective in treating acne outbreaks, but are often associated with high costs. They can also dry out and irritate sensitive skin. In addition, the outbreak of acne on the skin of the back and the chest can be difficult to treat because of the large surface area.

Acne treatment with lasers devices can produce better aesthetic results, especially in the case of acne inflammation without the side effects associated with the use of oral or topical drugs.

Lasers technology for treating acne target and destroy skin bacteria responsible for acne, thus preventing future outbursts of acne on the face, chest or back. Laser delivers the desired amount of light in the right spot size adapted to the customer’s needs and the Advanced Contact Cooling technology protects the skin during the procedure.

How does the laser acne treatment work?

IPL treatments developed by Palomar stop the recurrence of acne by having to be restrained by providing a spectrum of light that is absorbed by the porphyrins in the skin, destroying the bacteria P. acnes and eliminating the problem of returning of acne.

To remove the scars, we use pulses of laser light, coagulating tissue formation and triggering the formation of new tissue in the skin. The healing time is minimal, the risk of infection has been eliminated and the customer feels minimal pain, or does not feel it at all.

Benefits of acne laser treatment:

  • purified skin,
  • comfortable, well-tolerated treatment,
  • no recovery period after the procedure,
  • non-invasive treatment,
  • it eliminates or reduces the need for taking oral anti-acne drugs.

Current promotions

Usuwanie trądziku laserem -20%

Usuwanie trądziku laserem -20%

Zabieg laserowego usuwania trądziku niszczy bakterię skórną odpowiedzialną za jego powstawanie, dzięki czemu zapobiega przyszłym ogniskom trądziku na skórze twarzy, klatki piersiowej czy pleców.

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Goups of treatments prices:

Palomar Medical Lux V

Intensywne pulsacyjne światło LuxV zwęża gruczoły łojowe, ogranicza produkcję sebum i niszczy bakterie P. Acnes. Laser zmniejsza również stany zapalne i zmiany barwnikowe spowodowane trądzikiem. Zabieg, zapewniając
Face 320 PLN 400 PLN
Decolletage 320 PLN 400 PLN
Back 480 PLN 600 PLN
Laser Acne Treatment 1600 PLN 2000 PLN
Laser Acne Treatment 2400 PLN 3000 PLN

ClearSkin PRO

Laser frakcyjny ClearSkin PRO firmy Alma Lasers to pierwsza technologia, która łączy nieablacyjny laser z jednoczesnym chłodzeniem kontaktowym i technologią próżniową w celu bezpiecznego i skutecznego