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Laser permanent makeup removal

The world's most modern laser system Alma Harmony XL PRO Q-Switch removes permanent makeup in a non-invasive, effective and safe way. The dye particles are located in the upper layer of the dermis, and there may be a trace amount of them in the deeper layers of the tissue. The Q-Switch laser in skin depigmentation treatments offers the use of extremely high density energy. By emitting an ultra-short (nanosecond) pulse to the dermis, the laser breaks down the permanent make-up dye into elements so small that they are neutralized and naturally removed by the body. The revolutionary Q-Switch technology also stimulates repair processes in the skin, which forces it to regenerate faster.

The method works for all skin types, and with proper care there are no risks of scarring or discoloration.

Permanent makeup removal - Q-Switch laser

The innovative technology used in the Q Switch laser allows us to remove even very intense permanent make-up. To obtain the complete effect, the treatment should be repeated several times, each subsequent one causes the make-up to lighten and then completely disappear. The number of treatments is determined by the specialist on the basis of the type of dye used and the individual expectations of the patient. The depth of the pigment introduction is also important.

Treatments prices:

Permanent eyebrow makeup removal

Alma Harmony XL PRO Q-Switch Laser
We will help you to completely remove permanent makeup or change its shape, color, or even the method of its implementation. The most modern laser system in the world for removing pigments from the skin. It works on all skin types without
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