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Laser cappilaries removal from legs

Visible vascular lesions on the legs is a common problem of women, especially in adulthood. Surgery can leave scars in places of cuts, put at risk of infection and involve a long period of convalescence. Even the latest, less invasive treatments of vascular lesions removal still require local anesthesia, as they are associated with considerable pain.

Removal of vascular lesions treatments developed by Palomar Medical enable non-invasive alternative to lighten spider veins and vascular networks without the need for incisions, with minimal discomfort and ensuring an immediate return to everyday functionality.

Laser closing of vessels on legs - Embassy of Beauty

How it works?

Palomar's patented technology uses pulses of laser light of proper selected wavelengths. The laser beam penetrates the skin, reaching only to the blood vessels without damaging the skin. The light energy is absorbed by the red blood pigment - hemoglobin and changed into heat, raising the temperature of the blood. When the blood reaches a sufficiently high temperature, it coagulates and destroy the vessel wall, which is eventually removed from the organism.

When to use?

Laser treatment is recommended for people suffering from disorders of the blood vessels, ranging from small spider veins called telangiectasia or cracked capillaries to reticulated disorders and large maroon spots. It eliminates the disorders present since birth, and the ones resulting with age under the influence of the environment, for example exposure to the sun.


Palomar Medical Laser therapy gives excellent results in the treatment of vascular lesions of small red veins to large bulky venous even blue or violet. The improvement in appearance of the legs you can observe after the first treatment. Often, however, there is a large number of vascular lesions, so to achieve a satisfactory end result, it is recommended to performed several sessions. The number of treatments is determined individually, on average, 1-4. It is necessary to use UV protection minimum of 4 weeks after the last treatment.

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