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Genodiet iGenesis Plus

Take your exercise routine to the next level!

Genodiet iGenesis Plus is the most modern genetic test on the market, which will show how to adjust the key elements for every athlete - training and diet.

The iGenesis Plus study is intended for people who want to exercise consciously and more effectively, and who want to adjust their diet to be a natural stimulus for the body. It will be especially helpful for:

  • professional athletes
  • people practicing amateur sports
  • triathletes and marathoners
  • children and adolescents starting their sports career
  • people working with athletes - trainers, nutritionists and rehabilitators.



  • Faster training effects
  • Individual diet
  • Individual training guidelines
  • Optimal body weight
  • Information on the processing of the most important vitamins and minerals (such as: A, B, C.)
  • List of products that harm you
  • List of products that treat you
  • Information on the most common food intolerances
  • Information on whether the body is dealing with smog and toxins and how to support it
  • Ways to avoid diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke


The result of the Genodiet iGenesis Plus study is approximately 70 pages of a detailed, individually tailored analysis including:

  • Genodiet iGenesis Plus report - analysis of the correlation of over 100 gene polymorphisms responsible for the predisposition to the processing of macro and micronutrients, the development of diet-related diseases and the processes responsible for the aging of the organism.
  • Nutritional recommendations - individual dietary guidelines, taking into account genetic predisposition and a nutritional regimen containing precise information on what products and in what amounts should be introduced and which should be abandoned.
  • Training guidelines - individual tips on predisposition to physical activity
  • Consultation with a dietitian

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