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Genodiet IGenesis Super Detox

Slowing down the aging processes

Your personal recipe for health and slowing down the aging processes! The guidelines developed on the basis of the results of the Genodiet iGenesis Super Detox study will allow you to reduce the negative influence of genes, thanks to which you will maintain a good condition, a slim figure and a healthy and young-looking skin.

Genodiet iGenesis Super Detox:

  • It will tell you how to speed up the body's metabolism
  • How to increase the effectiveness of aesthetic medicine treatments
  • Slow down the aging process of the skin and the formation of wrinkles
  • How to take care of the condition of the skin, hair and nails
  • How to maintain adequate collagen and elastin content
  • Get rid of acne lesions
  • Take care of the condition of the teeth and gums
  • Lower the stress hormone levels in the body
  • Increase the body's immunity




  • Effective slowing down of the aging processes
  • Information on supplementation of the body
  • Information on the processing of the most important vitamins and minerals (such as: A, B, C.)


Thanks to Genodiet iGenesis Super Detox you will learn:

  • What to look for when choosing anti-wrinkle cosmetics
  • What supplements are necessary for you to maintain great condition and healthy skin
  • How to improve the condition of hair. How to improve skin elasticity and firmness
  • What physical activity to choose to stay in great shape.


The result of the Genodiet iGenesis Super Detox study is approximately 40 pages of detailed, individually tailored to the patient analysis including:

  • Genodiet iGenesis Detox report - analysis of the correlation of gene polymorphisms responsible for the predisposition to the processing of macro and micronutrients and the processes responsible for the aging of the organism.
  • Dietary recommendations - individual dietary guidelines, taking into account genetic predisposition
  • Fit Sport report - individual predispositions to physical activity with a description
  • Consultation with a dietitian.

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