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Cryolift treatment is based on the beneficial effect of cryotherapy combined with supplying active substances to the skin. The rich biological preparations intensively regenerate and stimulate the skin to cell renewal, improving its condition.

Tailored to the needs, the active complexes are injected into the skin using cold stabilized discharge head, which generates the optimal temperature range for effective and safe execution of the procedure (-10 to -18 ° C). Selected preparations are successively distributed on the facial skin by the small movement of the probe. With "electronic ice cube" active substances penetrate deeper. During the procedure, thermal shock and angioedema paradox appear. First, there is a rapid cooling down to vasoconstriction, and then alternately comes to the systole and diastole allowing to pump blood faster and enables extremely efficient transport of active ingredients.

The effects are noticeable after the first treatment - skin restores a healthy color, it is hydrated, firm and radiant. A series of treatments contour and improve the shape of the face.

620 - 580 PLN
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