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LED-Booster is the first preparation, that works synergistically with light, restoring youth and radiance skin.

The preparation includes:

  • NCTF – poli-revitalizing cocktail ,
  • hyaluronic acid - stimulate the skin cells, increases its density. Photoactive components affecting the formation of collagen: matrikins (collagen peptides),
  • matrikins – peptides, which sequence is present in the collagen-6 and laminins (proteins produced by epidermal cells responsible for cell adhesion, cohesion and flexibility of the skin), collagen and laminin precursors,
  • cocktail of plant extracts: Centella Asiatica and Siegesbiecka orientalis for regenerating, stimulating microcirculation, accelerate healing and strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Result: Skin is regenerated and dense, reduction of wrinkles, radiance.

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