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Removing scars with laser

Removing acne scars and postoperative scars with laser treatments
all skin types, excellent results

Surgical and post-acne scars can cause emotional and physical discomfort, reducing quality of life. In some cases the scars may even limit the mobility of the person. Procedures for removing postoperative scars are usually painful, invasive and carry the risk of complications.

Laser scar removal technology is a non-invasive solution, using fractional laser, allowing to quickly and efficiently remove the scarred tissue with less risk, less pain and a minimum period of return to full functionality. The healing process of the skin is short, the risk of infection eliminated and their pain is little or non-existent at all. Advanced Contact Cooling technology protects the epidermis, increasing the comfort and safety of the treatment. Technology of laser scar removal can be used on all skin types, which together with the excellent results making it the preferred method of removing scars.

How does the laser scars removal work?

Laser acne and postoperative scar removal treatments use fractional laser light to create a micro column of coagulated tissue that extend deeply into the skin without ablating the epidermis. The use of laser pulses to stimulate natural response in the form of wound healing by coagulation of scar tissue. In the place of damaged skin cells creates new, healthy one. This improves significantly the appearance of scarred tissue.

When to use laser scar removal?

Post acne scars, trauma, post-accident, burns and post-operative scars. The procedure is used to its 100% potential when the scar is fresh, then the effects can be excellent. When the scar has two months, it is the perfect time to start treatment. Most often it is necessary to perform 3-5 treatments at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

In this category we recommend treatments:

Laser scars removal - single scar

Laser scar removal allows to get rid of unsightly-looking marks on the skin, for example, after plastic surgery, injury, burns, and even acne.
from 200 PLN
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Laser scars removal - caesarean section scar

Non-Ablative Fractional Laser iPixel
Scar after caesarean section can be safely removed by fractional laser. The treatment smoothes the surface of the skin, shrinks the scar, improves its appearance, voltage, eliminates darkening of the skin and discoloration. In addition, it
from 500 PLN
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Laser scars removal - post breast augmentation scar

Postoperative scar laser removal treatments are based on the use of fractional laser light to create microcolumns of coagulated tissue, reaching deep into the skin without ablation of the epidermis. The use of laser pulses stimulates the natural
from 400 PLN
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from 600 PLN
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Laser acne scars removal - face

The treatment of acne scars removal with a fractional laser activates skin cells. It stimulates the processes of new tissue formation while creating new collagen fibers which "push" existing scars upwards from the bottom up, leveling
1400 PLN
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800 PLN
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600 PLN
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1200 PLN
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